The Launch of Telos FLAME Token project for the Telos Community!

21Zephyr has recently launched the Telos FLAME Token project for the Telos Community. We are very excited to announce the #FLAME initiative on Telos. It’s a non-divisible unique 1 FLAME token through a smart contract deployed under ‘tlosflamelit’, with a purpose of being passed around from account to account. The FLAME has already been passed several times during the past few days.

@T21zephyr has created and passed it to @Douglas_Horn, with a memo ‘There is no limit to the potential of Telos! The more we dream, the farther we get!’.

Our Community Manager’s idea was that FLAME would bring great awareness of fast and free decentralized transactions on the Telos Blockchain Network, and at the same time also introduce to the community to unique and custom tokens and transactions associated with them. As a result, the Telos FLAME Token project, on par with the lightning torch and the torch on EOS was taken up. You can send the token for free and make the transaction in half a second. While we do believe that the strength of the Telos network grows exponentially with dApps or decentralized applications, this is a fun way of showing the unlimited potential and capabilities of Telos and bringing awareness at the same time.

The activity of #FLAME can be viewed at:

Join the telegram group of the moderator 21Zephyr for any questions:

If you wish to receive the token and thereby send it to someone else please signup in the following sheet:

The Twitter announcement of the launch:

For anyone who is wondering about the instructions for passing the FLAME, the best way is to use the sqrl wallet:

  1. Visit the ‘Tools’ Tab
  2. Select ‘Airdrop/ Custom Tokens’ from the menu
  3. Click on ‘Add Custom Token’
  4. Enter the Contract Account Name — ‘tlosflamelit’ and Symbol — ‘FLAME’ and click on ‘Add Custom Token’ and confirm. You would see the balance and can transfer with contract actions from ‘Smart Contracts’. Don’t forget to add your memo!

So far we have seen some great memos and reading those just makes us nothing but proud. Track, sign up and receive the FLAME token and transfer with your opinion. 21Zephyr really looks forward to the passing of the FLAME token among the Telos community and any ideas for the same can be communicated to us through one of our mediums and it would be greatly appreciated. Follow us for some more interesting projects near the corner and please vote for 21zephyr1111 for your Telos Block Producer!

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Telos FLAME项目即将为Telos社区发布!

21Zephyr 已于近期为Telos社区发布了Telos FLAME (火炬)代币。我们十分高兴地宣布FLAME代币在Telos链上的首发。这是一个特殊的不可分割的火炬币,部署在“tlosflamelit”智能合约下,其目的是在账号之间传递。火炬币在过去的几天中已经被多次传递。

@T21zephyr 已经将其传递给了 @Douglas_Horn, 并备注 “Telos的潜能没有极限!只要敢想,就能做到!”

我们社区经理的想法是用此项目使社区用户们体验到在Telos区块链上高速且免费的去中心化交易,且同时能向社区展示特别的、定制化的代币及其交易功能。火炬币计划,Tlos FLAME Token project应运而生。交易可在半秒以内完成,且完全免费。我们相信Telos网络的强度将会随着dApps的发展有指数级的增加 — 火炬币是一种通过有趣的方式来展示同时使大众了解到Telos网络多样的潜能。

在此查看#FLAME 的活动进度:





  1. 查看“工具”选项
  2. 菜单中选中“空投/自定义代币”
  3. 点击“添加代币”
  4. 输入合约账户名称:tlosflamelit’ 及其标志 — ‘FLAME’。 确认添加之后,您可以在“智能合约”中看到账户余额及其他操作。记得添加您的备注宣言!

目前为止我们看到了十分有趣、鼓舞人心的备注宣言,我们对此感到十分自豪!我们邀请您追踪,参与,并收到火炬币并添加您个性的宣言。21Zephyr期望将火炬币传递至Telos社群,我们也欢迎任何的想法或建议!关注我们获取更多有趣的项目,并请您为 21zephyr1111作为Telos超级节点投票!

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