The Telos Blockchain Is Going Global — Discover The Telos World 2018 Program

Telos World 2018 is quickly approaching. The conference is perfectly positioned to unite the Telos community as we close in on the launch of the new mainnet. Sessions at the event will be in 45 minutes segments, with multiple speakers on each panel to address a variety of relevant topics including Governance, Technology, DApps, Community and more.

We present you the full agenda of Telos World 2018. The event is scheduled for December 14th and will start at 3 PM UTC time. The free virtual conference will focus on a variety of topics, with speakers from all around the Telos community as well as from around the globe. This event will be hosted on YouTube by GoodBlock and Telos-21Zephyr.

Organizers of Telos World 2018 hope that the conference can grant beneficial community engagement, by providing a platform for some of the most influential thinkers and speakers in the Telos community. The invited speakers include Marlon Williams, the creator of Telos official wallet — Sqrl., Douglas Horn, the author of the White Paper of Telos, Jun Dam the organizer of EOS Ignite, and finally Jim Hewitt, the chair of TLG weekly meetings.

The GRC and Community sessions are going to be quite popular, since they have already attracted many debating speakers such as Syed Mushabbar Sadiq (Swedencornet), Jan Smit from DutchEOS, and Daniel Lazor from EOS Metal.

The agenda wouldn’t be complete without technical sessions, such as Tokenomics, Technology, or dApps, covered by speakers such as Jesse Schulman from CalEOS, Justin Giudici (Infinitybloc) or Richard Bryan (TelosDAC) and J.T. Buice (KainosBP), among others. At the end of the day, there will be time for panels dedicated to developers coming from EOSIO, Ethereum as well as panels for developers with no EOS background.

It is going to be very intense day filled with new energy and shared passion to blockchain industry. So don’t miss the chance to get to know better Telos World and save the date already — Friday, Dec. 14, 2018 — it’s the time to show the world some Telos!

The speakers for the event are listed here, to read more about these speakers visit or our social channels:

  1. Azad Halim (Octagon Labs)
  2. Bhargav Kalari (Telos-21Zephyr)
  3. J.T. Buice (KainosBP)
  4. Douglas Horn (GoodBlock)
  5. Syed Mushabbar Sadiq (Swedencornet)
  6. Richard Bryan (TelosDAC)
  7. Sukesh Kumar Tedla (TelosGreen)
  8. Daniel Lazor (EOS Metal)
  9. Jim Hewitt (Telos UK)
  10. Justin Giudici (Infinitybloc)
  11. Marlon Williams (EOS Miami)
  12. Jesse Schulman (CalEOS)
  13. James Davis (GoodBlock)
  14. Beth Farnham (GoodBlock)
  15. Maurice (Telos Voyager)
  16. Dimitar Dzhurenov (Infinite X Labs)
  17. Peter Bue (GoodBlock)
  18. Ed Silva (GoodBlock)
  19. Marielle Saums (GoodBlock)
  20. Jun Dam (EOS Ignite)
  21. Jan Smit (DutchEOS)
  22. Craig Branscom (GoodBlock)

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