Vote for 21zephyr1111 for Top 21 Block Producer

We are Telos-21Zephyr (account name 21Zephyr1111 for the purposes of voting) and we design, build and operate high density data centers for the verification of transactions on blockchains. Our state of the art data center is located in Champaign, Illinois in the United States of America. We have passionately invested our energy, time, and technological skills into building the best possible block production environment for EOS.IO blockchains.

Today Telos-21Zephyr is proud to announce to the Telos token holders that we would like to be your representative as a Top 21 Block Producer on the Telos blockchain. We would like to humbly request you vote for 21Zephyr1111 for Top 21 Block Producer.

We have been involved in the EOS.IO community for some time, and have participated in Telos testnet from the very start. We want to use our experience and expertise to help position Telos as a preeminent and sustainable blockchain. As your representative, we will strive for excellence, efficiency, and transparency in managing blockchain interactions. We hope you will entrust us with this important responsibility, and select Telos-21Zephyr to serve the Telos community in this very important role.

Our mission is to support the Telos blockchain through developing and managing secure data centers and reinvesting into the Telos community. We are committed to providing the best support we can to the Telos network. As part of our commitment to giving back to the users, Telos-21Zephyr is hosting the Telos World conference on December 14th, which is the first ever Telos based virtual conference. The Telos World conference will offer developers and users the opportunity to gather and discuss the various important features and opportunities that Telos provides. Telos-21Zephyr seeks to support the Telos community with both technical expertise and educational resources in order to ensure that every Telos token holder can feel informed and secure when using the Telos Network.

We wholeheartedly endorse the mission of Telos and its vision for a sustainable blockchain founded upon a reliable network and strong democratic governance. We believe that every token holder should have a voice in the governing of the blockchain, and we are excited to join Telos where every token holder has the power to vote. We believe that Telos offers a unique and inclusive blockchain experience, and we are excited to be a part of this community. We humbly request you vote for 21Zephyr1111 in the forthcoming elections for Top 21 Block Producer.