Announcing Telos Blockchain Solutions — A Professional Services Provider Exclusively for the Telos Blockchain

As one of the world’s fastest and highest capacity blockchain networks, the Telos blockchain offers enterprise businesses the advantages of immutable, trustless computing that can only be achieved on a truly decentralized public blockchain. When a number of Telos block producers and Telos Foundation board members presented Telos to enterprise businesses at the recent Blockchain Expo Global in London, it was immediately apparent that the enterprise space is eager to make use of Telos. There was a crucial missing piece, however. These enterprise businesses typically work with professional consultancies and solutions providers who can build and deliver projects satisfying the client’s specifications and enter into business agreements. As a decentralized network, no such consultancy existed on Telos and no individual block producer could adequately represent the true combined strength of the global decentralized network. To capture this massive opportunity for growing Telos, Telos Blockchain Solutions was created.

Headquartered in London, England, and comprised of leading Telos block producers who’ve combined development, sales, project design, project management, and business experience, Telos Blockchain Solutions is exclusively focused on providing business solutions on the Telos blockchain. This focus allows Telos Blockchain Solutions to work for the benefit of its clients and Telos, and to execute strategic partnerships of benefit to the Telos blockchain. The private companies comprising Telos Blockchain Solutions are: Big Iron BP, BlindBlocArt, CalEOS, CryptoSuvi, CSX Community, EOS ZA, GoodBlock, TelosDAC, Telos Global, Telos Green, Telos Imperia, Telos Miami, The Teloscope, Telos Vancouver and Telos Venezuela.

“Telos Blockchain Solutions is a missing structure that is sorely needed in order to turn this interest from enterprise into world class business solutions deployed on the Telos blockchain,” says CEO Richard Bryan Erikodi. “In London, we found a lot of very productive business conversations ending in puzzled looks because we did not have any way to offer the pitch that these businesses were expecting. Quite often, we were just steps away from closing the deal and yet had no way to do so. It was frustratingly close, and we knew that we needed to bridge this gap to maximize the value of future events.”

Telos Blockchain Solutions is open for business and actively consulting with private organizations aimed at deploying new businesses on Telos. As a private company, Telos Blockchain Solutions does not receive funding from the Telos blockchain or Telos Foundation. It will attend the Amsterdam Blockchain Expo June 19–20th, where it will display live proof-of-concept solutions including supply and distribution chain tracking, IoT and edge computing device integration, shared resource tracking and management, and other implementations that can rapidly be applied to numerous enterprise computing needs. Solutions for GDPR compliance on Telos are available.

For further information, or to schedule a consultation, visit us at, and contact us at:

About Telos:

Telos is a third-generation public blockchain that enables smart contracts to perform at the highest speed and capacity of any blockchain and with no transaction fees. Telos is built on the EOSIO platform with many innovations unique to Telos including integrated IPFS decentralized storage, the world’s most advanced governance functions and important network resiliency features that no other EOSIO blockchains share. The Telos mainnet launched in December 2018. The Telos system token, TLOS, trades on several exchanges including Newdex, ChainRift, CoinTiger, ABCC, CODEX, and others. For more information on the Telos blockchain network, visit:

Telos Blockchain Solutions

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Professional Services Provider Exclusively for the Telos Blockchain

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