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Telos Canton
Sep 3, 2018 · 3 min read


Telos Canton was established by a group of blockchain technology and decentralization autonomous enthusiasts on July 25, 2018. Our slogan:

“Telos Canton, Fair, Just, Open.”

Telos Canton officially became the block producer candidate of Telos by joining the Telos test network on July 26, 2018. It is the first Chinese BP to join Telos.


With the “ram head” mixed with the design elements of the Telos Logo, this logo symbolizes the combination of Canton’s ancient alias name “City of Rams” and the blockchain, reflecting the vitality of the collision between tradition and modernity, as well as highlighting the unique cultural background of Telos Canton.


  1. Fair, Just, Open
    Fairness is not average, but a reasonable return based on contribution,
    creating a variety of opportunities, and maximizing the individual’s traits and abilities.
    Justice is reflected in strict adherence to the rules of consensus, guiding and judging behavior according to rules, and free from the influence and control by interests.
    Public information includes, and is not limited to, ideas, decisions, finances, executions, and rights, which guarantees transparency and public supervision.
  2. The technology and governance model of blockchain can make our world fairer and better, enable more people to realize their dreams.
  3. “Sometimes it is the people no one can imagine anything of who do the things no one can imagine.”- Allen Turing
  4. “The telos of an acorn is to become an oak tree.”- Aristotle
    Teleology believes that before deciding how resources are allocated, we need to study what the “purpose” of the allocated resources is. The philosophical starting point of Plato and Aristotle is “Telos”, which is ancient Greek, meaning purpose, intention, goal or nature.
  5. “What belongs to the national belongs to the world.”- Lu Xun
    As the world itself is composed of diverse cultures of different nationalities, the essence of the world is diversity, and each national culture is unique. Only by respecting one’s own culture, maintaining the uniqueness of its own culture and removing the inferiority of its own culture, can a nationality become the common cultural wealth of all mankind. That is when world culture is defined as world culture. On the basis of recognizing one’s own traits, culture and abilities, we can make the world-wide collaboration more unimpeded by accepting and embracing the diversity of different groups of people.


  1. Canton”, though etymologically derived from Cantão (the Portuguese transliteration of “Guangdong”), refers only to the provincial capital instead of the whole province, as documented by authoritative English dictionaries. The local people of the city of Guangzhou (Canton) and their language are called Cantonese in English. Cantonese sensu lato can also be used for the phylogenetically related residents and Chinese dialects outside the provincial capital.
  2. Canton has a history of over 2,200 years and was a major terminus of the maritime Silk Road and continues to serve as a major port and transportation hub today, as well as one of China’s three largest cities.
  3. Canton, also known as City of Rams, City of Flowers, is one of the most open and inclusive cities in China. Canton is the most mature civil society in mainland China and have the most vocal people and the most outspoken media, which we are proud of.

关于橡果·广州(Telos Canton)



橡果·广州(Telos Canton)成立于2018年7月25日,由一群对区块链技术和去中心化治理充满热情与期待的人所组成。我们的口号是:


(Telos Canton, Fair, Just, Open.)



以“山羊头”为主体,融合Telos Logo的设计元素,将广州“羊城”古别称与区块链象征结合,体现传统与现代相互碰撞焕发出新的生命力,同时彰显出橡果·广州独特的文化背景。


  1. 公平、公正、公开
  2. 区块链的技术和治理模式能使我们的世界更加公平和美好,使更多人能实现他们的梦想。
  3. “有时候,正是那种没人会想到的人,做出了没人能想到的事。”— — 艾伦·图灵
  4. “橡果的目标是成为一棵橡树。” — — 亚里士多德
  5. “只有民族的,才是世界的。” — — 鲁迅


  1. Canton”虽然源自Cantão(葡萄牙音译“广东”)的词源,但仅指省会而非全省,正如权威英语词典所记录的那样。 GuangZhou(Canton)的当地人和他们的语言在英语中被称为“Cantonese”。由于广州的声望及其口音,广义上的广东话也适用于省会以外种系相关的居民和汉语方言。
  2. 广州拥有超过2200年的历史,是海上丝绸之路的主要起点,并继续作为今天的主要港口和交通枢纽,也是中国三大城市之一。
  3. 广州别称羊城、花城,是中国最为开放和包容的城市之一。广州是中国大陆最成熟的公民社会,有最敢发声的民众和最敢言的媒体,我们为此而感到骄傲。

    Telos Canton

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