Telos Kitchen is hard at work bringing businesses and users to Telos.

CONNECT coin manages loyalty and revenue share for users

We are excited to share that Connect Social is now live on the Telos main net. Connect Social is a digital marketing company offering tools and tactics for Merchants and Consumers to benefit by working together.

Connect Social originally connected with Telos Kitchen via a word-of-mouth, uncommissioned referral. Telos Kitchen first explained all the wonderful benefits of EOSIO vs less powerful blockchain technologies such as Ethereum, Tron, and Stellar.

At our recommendation, Connect Social decided to use the Telos network because of the vibrant community, affordable resources, and…

We are Telos Kitchen ( — a new BP on Telos main net. We are a group of hard-working blockchain developers from USA, France, and Mexico. We’ve been developing on EOSIO for over a year. Our tech team has Dapps in production on EOS, Telos, and Ethereum and we have a good grounding on what it takes to drive user adoption in this space. Several of our devs come from Digital Scarcity and Mighty Wizards. Where many BPs build blocks on many networks, we ONLY build blocks on Telos.

Telos Kitchen will soon be as decentralized as practical. It exists…

Telos Kitchen has officially launched their block producer on the Telos main net.

After developing with EOSIO for over a year and participating as an active member of the Telos community for many months, we are super stoked to officially register our block production candidacy.

We are a team of EOSIO developers and decentralization enthusiasts from France, Mexico, and the United States.

We believe that Telos has the best community, governance, and technology available in blockchain. Telos offers many features and benefits not found on other EOSIO chains (or other blockchains for that matter). …

Telos Kitchen

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