Press Release: Telos-Bitpie Collaboration Announced

The following is a joint announcement with Bitpie.

February 5th 2019 — the Telos Block Producers, working with the Telos Foundation, approved the first proposal to distribute funds from the TLOS Token Exchange Reserve, and released TLOS to Bitpie, a multi-chain wallet based in Hong Kong. As per the terms of the agreement, Bitpie has agreed to distribute these TLOS tokens directly to their users who held EOS at the time of the genesis snapshot.

Bitpie Distribution Plan for the Received TLOS Tokens

After weeks of discussions with The Telos Foundation, and with the approval of the Telos Block Producers, Bitpie is very pleased to share we have reached an agreement with The Telos Foundation, wherein BitPie will receive a disbursement from the Telos Exchange Reserve Fund to distribute TLOS tokens to users who held EOS tokens at the time of the genesis snapshot in Pie Bank.

Bitpie recognizes that these TLOS tokens belong to Bitpie users, and hence will distribute all the received TLOS tokens to the related Bitpie users very soon. Bitpie also plans to support the Telos Mainnet very soon.

About Bitpie

Bitpie is an industry-leading multi-blockchain (BTC/ETH/EOS/USDT etc.) wallet with zero security incidents since its foundation in 2013. The Bitpie team is devoted to providing safe asset management and dApps for users worldwide. With a deep understanding of blockchain technology and the real-world experience of having operated the Bither wallet for years (an open-source bitcoin wallet, recommended by, Bitpie enables users to conveniently transact while keeping their assets completely under their control.

Bitpie Wallet Features

  • Instant Trade: A fast, secure and easy way to trade your favorite cryptocurrencies.
  • Financial Plan: Users are able to deposit their assets into Bitpie, subscribe to a financial plan (daily, monthly and yearly) and earn interest.
  • dApps: Integration of various dApps (games, decentralized exchanges and more) on multiple blockchain networks such as Telos, EOS, TRON, etc.

The Bitpie team is devoted to providing safe asset management and dApps for users worldwide. To Learn more about Bitpie:

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TLOS Token Exchange Reserve

During Telos’ creation, the Telos Launch Group (TLG) recognized the value of providing exchanges and wallets whose users held EOS tokens at the time of the EOS genesis snapshot with access to TLOS tokens as an important contribution to the community. As a result, on October 2nd, 2018 the TLG approved TIP 0011: “TLOS Token Exchange Reserve”, thereby creating a reserve account of 140,279,973 TLOS for distribution to these EOS token holders.
Created at the launch of the Telos Blockchain Network, the TLOS Token Exchange Reserve is held in reserve for exchanges and similar entities such as web wallets or investment funds who act as the custodians for multiple beneficial token holders in combined accounts.

In order to qualify, interested parties must adhere to the terms of the Telos Blockchain Network Operating Agreement (TBNOA), and work directly with the Telos Foundation for support during the application process. Once an agreement has been reached, Telos Block Producers then review the proposal and determine support via a vote, which if approved, then releases the funds.

The Telos Foundation is committed to the allocation of tokens to all EOS token holders who’s tokens were locked on exchanges at the time of the genesis snapshot.

For more information about the TLOS Token Exchange Reserve, please contact the organization at

The Telos Foundation is a promotional and funding body, dedicated to advancing the Telos Blockchain Network. The aim of the Telos Foundation is to provide grants to groups promoting necessary network functions that cannot or are not otherwise supported by worker proposals.

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