Telos Foundation — Latest Advisory Board Appointment

March 5th 2019 — We’re just over 2 months from the launch of the network, and the Telos community keeps growing. While The Telos Foundation Board of Directors is diligently working away to support the many aspects of Telos, we are grateful for those in the community that continue to come forward and offer their valuable assistance.

The Telos Foundation is pleased to announce our second Advisory Board Member, Justin Buck. Justin was an active and respected member of the Telos Launch Group, and pivotal in supporting the Community Rewards Pool as well as many of other aspects of the organization.

Justin Buck

Justin has over a decade of experience in North American equities industry. In the EOSIO space, he has worked on a wide range of projects, including:

  • One of three members of the brockpierce1 proxy on EOS, along with Brock Pierce and Ben Sigman
  • Co-author of various Telos governing documents
  • CPUEmergency team member
  • TelosDAC founding member
  • Organized a quorum from around the world that got together to build the EOS Community Constitution proposal

Justin believes in “governance from the bottom up”, which makes him a perfect fit as an Advisory Board Member to support the mission of the Telos Foundation in promoting the Telos Blockchain Network. Telos is truly built by the people for the people.

Telos Foundation Advisory Board Members play a key role in supporting the mission of the Foundation, bringing their diverse perspectives and experiences to help further the value and opportunity of the Telos Blockchain Network. If you’re interested in learning more please contact us at

The Telos Foundation is a promotional and funding body, dedicated to advancing the Telos Blockchain Network. The aim of the Telos Foundation is to provide grants to groups promoting necessary network functions that cannot or are not otherwise supported by worker proposals.

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