Telos RAM - Second Public Guidance Price (PGP)

Telos Foundation

By Jan Smit

The second Public Guidance Price (PGP) for RAM purchases on the Telos chain will be set to 0.09 TLOS per kB. This is a 10% reduction from the first PGP, prior statement can be found here

The purpose of the PGP is to provide dApps with a stable and competitive RAM price.

Telos RAM price history

The Telos Foundation (of which the RAM Administration is an integral part) may decide to support qualified dApps with RAM purchases if the actual RAM price deviates more than 10% from this PGP. While setting the PGP, the following has been taken into consideration:

  • The Telos and EOS RAM prices are currently $9/MB (Telos) and $177/MB (EOS) in USD.
  • The actual RAM utilization in both Telos and EOS is low. This is primarily caused by a relatively small number of accounts (owning large amounts of RAM).
  • To increase utilization the PGP will be set at 0.09 TLOS per KB going forward.
  • The temporary RAM reserve held by the RAM Administration currently stands at 1.6 GB. When the reserve nears depletion the RAM Director will call an adhoc meeting to advise block producers to set the RAM growth rate (setramrate) and/or increase the amount of RAM with immediate effect.

The next scheduled PGP update will be after 10 Million blocks (59 days) on Thursday 11 April 2019.

Telos Foundation interim RAM Administration Director

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