Telos Testnet Participation Enforcement Update

Telos Foundation
Aug 2 · 2 min read


Every Telos block producer agrees to adhere to minimum requirements determined by the Telos governance documents. [BP Minimum Requirements] One important requirement is to operate a block producer node on the Telos testnet on an ongoing basis. Block producers can have their testnet node down for up to seven days without falling out of compliance. Due to the testnet problem Telos encountered several weeks ago, enforcement of this requirement was temporarily suspended. However, the Telos testnet recovery has been complete now for several weeks and some Telos block producers have not yet redeployed their testnet nodes.

Plan of Action

On today’s weekly Telos BPs call, the Telos block producers agreed to begin enforcing this requirement again starting on Tuesday, August 6th, 2019 at 12:00 UTC. As of that time, multi-signature transactions by the BPs will be issued to kick from the network every Telos BP that is not in compliance with the minimum requirements with a kick period of 168 hours (seven days) which is the standard kick period for BP candidates for this infraction.

Telos is a unique blockchain in its ability to allow anyone to register as a block producer while still enforcing compliance with minimum requirements deemed necessary for network function and resiliency. These requirements are subject to amendment based on community voting through the Telos Ratify/Amend process. The block producers must enforce these requirements if they are to continue to have meaning. The block producers encourage Telos proxies that are not already considering compliance with testnet participation, to include this in their voting as well.

All Telos block producers who are not currently operating testnet block producer nodes are advised that they will again be subject to removal beginning Tuesday, August 6th at 12:00 UTC. This should provide ample time to replay nodes as necessary.

This statement is supported by the following Telos block producers:
GoodBlock, EOS USA, EOSza, OctagonLabs, TelosUnlimited, TelosGermany, EOS Imperia, Telos Voyager, TelosMadrid, Telos UK, Telos Central, Swedencornet, EOSphere, Infinityblock, TelosDAC, CalEOS, Nebulablocks, TelosGreen

Telos Foundation

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Hello Telos! The Telos Blockchain Network is a joint project by experienced members of the EOSIO block producer community.

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