Artificial Intelligence: Technology or Lover

If you asked just about anyone if they love their phone or computer, odds are they would say yes, but are some people taking that too far? In recent news, there are reports from all over the world of people abandoning human love for the artificial variety. In America, a man has decided to incorporate a sex robot into his family, and overseas, a large number of young men have given up on live women and begun to cort virtual girls.

An article in The Sun, by Hannah Crouch, goes into detail on a man who has decided to incorporate a sex robot into his family. Arran Lee Squire stunned people when he announced on the ITV show that he brought brunette bot Samantha into his married life. For viewers of the show and the general public that find what Squire is doing strange, he is on record for saying, “ We get some strange reactions when we tell people what we are doing, but we are not perverts and these dolls are not for perverts.” The interviews Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield had very differing experiences about Samantha, Holly believing the doll to feel very much a human and Phil comparing it to a cold corpse. The discussion then turned to Squire’s children and how they respond towards Samantha. Squire explained how Samantha had a family mode and that she could talk about animals, philosophy, and science. Samantha is also programed with over a thousand jokes at random. Holly then made the point of the children like the doll now but there will come a point when they know that dad is having sex with the doll, and that they might not accept it then. Arran simply responded by saying, “I think the world’s changing.” The world is changing toward more AI but is it ready for the robots to become our sexual partners, I think not. Even with a family safe mode having the doll in the presence of children could have consequences we haven’t ever seen before.

What happened to the chase of seeing the person you have a crush on and then doing everything you can to impress them? Well some japanese men have giving up the chase of real lovers for virtual ones, according to an article on This virtual girl Azuma Hikari can “hold” hands, “kiss”, and even send text messages; However, you can only interact with a partner through a pre-written script. Creator. Minori Takechi believes that his invention will cure japanese loneliness problem, while making him a fortune. According to Takechi, “I actually want to make her into a person who understands her husband and will always be there to support him,” explains Takechi, who is selling his prototype for $2,700, and already has 300 pre-orders, from men in their 20s and 30s. Takechi also believes that his creations, “could develop into love, if we keep investigating further.”

Form sex robots to a virtual lover AI has changed relationships forever. It has eliminated the need for the case and conflicts in relationships; however, can we consider these relationships are if there is no conflict or courting involved, no we can’t. AI is simple a hard wear like all other devices in our lives.

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