5KM.today , The best Move-2-Earn on Ethereum

We’ve all be hyped up with the mighty Stepn… As the investment cost is skyrocketing. It becomes more and more challenging to get in both to get the activation code and also the Floor Price of a pair of shoes with good stats.

BEHOLD frens !! 5KM is here.

Let’s take a look at their whitepaper :

Game modes :

  • Event mode: This is during real-time events such as marathons. Users will need to register one day in advance to participate in the events, and a certain registration deposit will be charged for different events. Once the tasks are successfully completed, users will get their deposit refunded + the extra rewards.
  • There are two other modes. You can check them out on https://docs.5km.today/

Token Rewards :

Conclusion :



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