WebRTC: A Great Tool For Sales Enablement

May 1, 2017 · 3 min read
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Your sales enablement platform is your main solution for connecting with agents and providing them with the tools they need to close deals. This platform is many things, including a content hub, a data repository and a tracking system.

There is one major element missing in your platform, though: Real-time communications.

Right now, you use your platform to talk to your agents. In other words, you and your team members upload information that agents can use to help them with their sales efforts. But with one small tweak, you can turn your platform into a real-time communications hub — effectively allowing you to talk with your agents in a variety of ways throughout the buying journey.

The technology you need to accomplish this is called Web Real-time Communications (WebRTC). WebRTC is an open source client communication engine. WebRTC is an API that developers can use to access an internet-enabled device’s camera and microphone, to connect two or more devices or “peers” to each other, and that tells those connected devices how to send video, audio, and data to each other. In doing so, it allows for two-way browser-to-browser, browser-to-mobile, or device-to-device communication.

Here are some ways you can use WebRTC to enhance your sales enablement platform:

Coach your team: You can’t follow agents around in the field and check in on them 24/7. There are just too many people, and they are too spread out. However, using a WebRTC-enabled sales enablement platform allows communication with agents over face-to-face video as well as by audio and chat. WebRTC can be used to give pep talks, discuss strategies and review progress.

One thing to keep in mind: As you research WebRTC you’ll find it’s possible to broadcast information (like in webinars or conference calls). However, WebRTC may not be ideal for broadcasting. However, stick with traditional broadcast mediums, and use WebRTC for real-time chat and file sharing purposes, or as a complement to traditional webinar or streaming of videos by using it to facilitate live “Q&A” or interactions between audience members and presenters.

Transmit and share data in real-time: Chances are likely your sales enablement portal has the ability to track the online activities of your prospects. You may, for instance, discover that a customer who is close to making a purchase has been browsing your website and reading white papers. You could use your WebRTC-enabled platform to send an agent data about the prospect’s recent habits. WebRTC is great for sending files, or actually any blob of data from one place to another, in real-time.

Answer customer questions: An agent could use a WebRTC-enabled portal to connect with the same prospect over and over again directly through the platform. Whenever the customer has a question, he or she can communicate with the same person. This can build trust between a customer and an agent.

Loop in multiple people: Did you know you can use WebRTC to have a group chat? An agent may, for instance, need help from a technical expert to help close a deal. Using the WebRTC-enabled sales enablement platform, an agent could loop in additional resources as they are needed. Questions can therefore be answered faster, and deals can close faster.

These are but a few simple ways that you can use WebRTC to increase the effectiveness of your sale enablement platform. If you have other ideas or questions you’d like to explore with us, join the conversation below!

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