Who exactly is Moses

Describing yourself is actually one of the dumbest things you would say on a general example. If I may ask, how many times have you ever heard someone say “do you know me?”, “Do you know what I can do to you?”, “Do you know who you are dealing with?” These are the questions that have made me conclude that I will never describe myself plainly just like that.

What am I really driving at with this? You just never who you are except under certain circumstances. With this regard therefore, I just give a brief description who I am from an andela perspective. To start with, I am Moses, A graduate in Meteorology with the respected first class honors. Not just that, from Chiromo campus of the UoN. Is that important really? Yes, important because Moses ditched the first class that someone would brag with to try something else. Technology. Moses has a passion for technology and would do anything to do that. Moses does what addresses his dreams and therefore if you see Moses in Andela, andela is his dream. I am very resilient and in fact, that’s why I can do some code today from unstructured readings.

Resilient? Yes, if to take the andela recruitment process as a hypothetical example, Moses can try 101 times because it’s only that which addresses Moses’ concerns. The one thing that I know is that I never fail in what I do and I always get in round one of attempts. I said always. This is what I mean from andela perspective. If not taken first attempt, then there’s next attempt. In this case, the first was a reconnaissance study of things work there and wait for my next round one attempt. You see I never try twice because my last failure was a reco, not an attempt. I hold on with that until my first attempt when I get taken. See, always attains what I intent to first round. Be it andela or wherever. That calls for resilience and nothing more. That is Moses in brief otherwise I can describe myself in 100 pages.

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