December 5th, 2016: Test Season Is Upon Us

Monday morning found me on a second row seat in class as early as 15 minutes to 8. There’s a nice chic who almost always sits in this position when I’m running even a few minutes late and displacing her is my absolute worst thing to do — as far as my relationship with fellow classmates goes but in all sincerity, my eyes can use all the help they can get: Surviving Without Glasses 101.

However, I feel a ting of regret typing this as getting to school that early to claim that particular seat turned out futile as we had absolutely no classes up until around 2pm ish when we migrated to the Physiology laboratory. There were rumors that the lecturers held a closed door meeting about our forthcoming exams and the continuous assessment tests we’d be having in the coming days. What’s worse is the fact that with two major tests tomorrow in Pharmacognosy and Physiology, I left my study material in the hostel since I wasn’t expecting to have any free time. Now, you might wonder why I didn’t just got back to the hostel to get them but the way my school is built ehn… everywhere is very, very far from the other. And charter taxis and motorbikes have been banned since upon resumption. As I do not drive in school, my only option is the school bus which any person on the go cannot make impromptu plans around.

The Pharmacognosy term paper (discussing 100 plants complete with their scientific names, common names, native, indigenous names, chemical constituents and Pharmaceutical uses) is due today and everyone is running helter skelter to put finishing touches to their documents (Read: print out and spiral bind) and the photocopying booth right by the snack bar is a hot mess. Like really hot. My paper has been ready since Saturday but my friends need my help. The typist they gave their work disappointed them last minute. A typist who’s been in the business for ten years but says stuff like a PDF file cannot be converted because: how you wan convert Adobe reader OR anything wey you send for whatsapp go enter as picture. Even though I've helped convert the PDF file to a Word document and all he’s expected to do is add another column to the already prepared table where some new information would then be added, he still messes them up like he’s done several others. A girl is frustrated to tears. But my friends are running out of time and when they blast him for wasting so much time and achieving nothing in return(they’ve been on this since Thursday), he answered nonchalantly “If you fit add the column, add na”.

I died a thousand times.

With all this strange, spare time on my hands, I decide to make a bank run. All 13 ATMs in this village are not dispensing cash (okay, just 4 are and they are so overcrowded, one would think the ATMs are dispensing free cash). I end up waiting 3 hours to withdraw. The thought of it makes my blood boil.

Back to my college, I rush to submit a forgotten practical manual from last week to the Pharm. Chemistry lecturer. I’ve goofed and know it so I go in full of remorse. She accepts but warns that my marks will be deducted from — fair enough for me, half bread is better than none.

Hematology lab is a lot better today. I still didn’t allow my blood to be drawn though. I answer questions in class and am even fascinated the Westergreen apparatus used to determine erythrocytes sedimentation rate but still manage to tactfully avoid the blood. A part of me wonders what sodium citrate — an anticoagulant smells like… citrus maybe? The lab is packed full and I decide I’m really not that curious about it. On and on we go, about blood typing and antigens, antibodies and agglutination. Enter rhesus compatibility and marriage counselling and it was a really interesting class to be honest. Like I said before, I thoroughly enjoy Physiology… when I don’t have to look at the blood up close.

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