Why, Hello 2018! A tin re tiyin.

For non Yoruba speakers, I just welcomed the year twenty eighteen and told it just how much we had been expecting it.

All my life, I’ve heard family and close friends say, “Whatever you do on the first day of the year sets the tone for what your entire year is bound to look like”.

And so we go to church to cross over into the new year. Eat a scrumptious meal. Do something related to work or school — or at least, pretend to, all in the hopes that the unfolding year is kind — because we’ve started with God, our efforts at work or school throughout the year should be successful. And of course, good food is a must!

I hope this explains writing a Medium on the very first day of the year as I watch them pluck the feathers from my really good looking turkey. I woke up a little while ago. I was at a vigil earlier.

I’m very hopeful for everything this year holds. I haven’t even sent out new year messages as I have the whole of January to do that — and for some people, whichever month of the year I see them first. However, a lot of my messages will be tailored around the African Pharmaceutical Symposium which Nigeria is hosting this year in the city after my own heart and where no impossibilities exist; Lagos. It is here, 2018 — the year AfPS finally comes to Nigeria.

The theme of the AfPS2018, Inspiring the Future of African Healthcare: Innovation, Economy and Sustainability is important in the World’s and more specifically, Africa’s quest to attaining Universal Health Coverage. How? For everyone on this continent, irrespective of ethnicity, economic status, gender or faith to be able to access affordable and qualitative healthcare, our working health force must be adequately equipped to take on our unique healthcare delivery challenges headstrong. And in Africa, where our healthcare infrastructure and situation is peculiar due to our unique challenges, it is important for health workers, already practising and emerging, to be able to draw the correlation between innovating new solutions to old problems, ensuring that they are both economically feasible and sustainable in the long run.

We must be aware of what happens on the world’s forefront and still look inward to create solutions to our pressing health problems and continue to improve on them. It must never stop. The global west is not supposed to do it for us — it is a responsibility we ought to step up to.

And because of this, symposiums like the AfPS are crucial in rallying budding pharmacists to brainstorm ideas about where we want African healthcare to be, a system we can all be very proud of.

January is looking up to a great start already, I begin exams in about 2 weeks and most of my efforts are being channeled in that direction as you’ll understand but the year is young and there are great things just waiting to be done!

2017 was amazing. 2018 would be even more so.

Our goals for IPSF Nigeria are big but certainly attainable. And with the collaborative efforts of every Nigerian IPSFer and friends from the African Regional Office, this is one year that we would look at and be proud.

Happy New Year, everyone!

2018, ekaabo.

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