subjectivism of perception.

two souls bickering, he continually prodded her, towering upon her, till her eyes began leaking – an eyesore for some, others spectacled even to find a sense of humour within such.

The beauty of dependency of one on another

leniency of his grip enclosed around her fragile bones

As if an attempt to escape would lead to the destruction of the faux bond

- Wings battered, feet stomped, hearts raced, then they stopped. -

a bare moment for him to admire his prized possession. He owned her.

Scattered attention, here – there, her pupils refusing a bond with his

Stretching, yawning, rustling of metal, the emergence of a dark hole

reluctant to progress, she glanced to him

her lips twitched ..

She was swallowed into the abyss.

I long to listen to the sound of such circulation of his bodily fluids upon his chest

he reached to me, by my waist, I squirmed.

Whole hearted laughter

caught in a moment of blissfulness, my eyes began shedding.

Our feet walking at the same pace, trekking along the pathway. My staff and love lead the way.

his strength and dominance made me cower physically

But eradicated every burden within me

- Wings battered, feet stomped, hearts raced, then we stopped. -

As if time was waiting for us, he paused slowly and gracefully, his eyes gazed upon me in admiration

I studied how the wind whistled through his hair, like a willow in the wind,

Inspected how the ombré light on the path glazed upon his skin. My hair stood on end.

We voyaged till the last frame, we stood by the entrance

finally we could rest, he cleared the way..

i blink to look toward him with an inviting smile,

then I entered. Home at last.