My Experience in Andela Bootcamp So Far

Today is the second day of the home sessions. It took a while before the link to the coding labs were sent. I was to make a program to count the number of words in a given string and write a JavaScript program to reverse a given string. It looked pretty straight forward until my solutions failed some of the tests. I had to refactor my solution before it eventually passed.

The highlight of the day for me is the second exercise; a command line application that consumes public API using the HTTP client. I had heard of APIs but never built any application that consumes it. At first i was not sure what to do but as usual i dabble into the endless resources on the web and most especially the bootcamp’s learning materials channel. I so much enjoyed the insight into this new world of APIs. APIs from google, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram were even freely available, though i actually settled for the language layer API because it suites my proposed application.

I took my time in experimenting with different APIs and their properties. I had built two different command line applications before i realised i had to meet a deadline for submission. I quickly setup a new repository locally and push to my remote repository.

Now that i have completed the tasks for the day, I am going back to experiment more with API calls and properties.

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