Panic Attack- My Gala Story.

This is one of those pieces where you accidentally escape death.

The story behind it? You don’t want to know. But I’ll intimate you of it.

Flash back to 21/07/2016. I get to Barracks, Surulere from Bode Thomas where I just finished an N+ class and immediately proceed to my Gala seller.

The guy had angered me on Tuesday by his conduct when I was to collect my N400 change and I had told myself while boarding the bus that I won’t buy from him anymore. But my love for Gala is greater than any hatred and frankly he’s the only one around.

So I buy the gala, pay for my BRT ticket and took up a seating position in the bus. As my custom is I quicky tear the rapper of the first gala and ate it. For some reasons I fail to eat the 2nd one.

Fast forward to Monday and the 2nd gala is still in my bag. And I promise myself to not eat it but to throw it away.

Wednesday came and ad usual I buy my favorite gala(2) from my guy and put them in my bag. Boarded the bus I did and then opened one. I eat it with all joy and happiness. About 30minutes later I eat the 2nd one. Oh boy, oh boy. Living the mini-life mehn. (To live the real life is to eat shawarma instead).

Your boy gets home, opens his bag and finds one more gala in his bag. 😯 Like wtf is happening here. I begin to panic and quickly check the rapper of the gala in my bag (you might wonder why I do this, but I love keeping my city clean).

Checks expiry date and it’s 28/07/2016. Today is 27/07/2016.

Thanks God for sparing my life. I live to see another day.

I hope you learn from me.