Torn between something old and something real

I cannot decide

My heart, I can’t comprehend

I’m here with you physically but mentally I’m far gone

I want to stay

You are safe

But I don’t crave your touch

I don’t long for your kiss

I look at you with love but I don’t desire your presence

Here, I am with you

But I feel distant

I need more than just words

I need him

He knows me

He feels me, my heart

Unspoken words

He reads me

His tender eyes

Gazing at me, not with lust

But with passion

A passion I crave

A passion so sublime I can taste it on his lips

I don’t need wine to dine in his presence

A presence so unbarable, I feel

I feel with no judgment

I speak with no fear of being crucified emotionally

I am free

Not in the sense that I am trapped

But my mind escapes into places I want to explore

Places so deep and dark

Only the light in his eyes shine

The places I want to be mentally and emotionally

Places he has shown me with his hands wrapped around mine

And his lashes causing hurricanes in my heart as he bats them so gently


I want to be

With you

With you is where I should be

Maybe it’s for the moment

Maybe it will last

I don’t care as long as he takes me

Lead me and I will follow

I want to go places with you

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