Most times when I don’t feel like doing something I love, I try to find an excuse for my laziness. Yes, laziness is the word, because what else would deny you the joy of doing what you enjoy? That’s part of the battles we have to keep on fighting if we have our eyes fixed on the price.

Whoever said that success is built on determination and consistency told you a half-truth. So many ingredients go into the pot of soup before the beautiful delicacy called success is served. I love writing and making people feel satisfied- basically saying, I enjoy delivering exceptional customer service. Despite the joy I derive from engaging in these activities, if I don’t channel the right energy and focus into them, it might stay as just an ordinary object of satisfaction for my under-utilized mind.

Few things we need to beautify ourselves with- train our minds to keep evolving; never ever be contented with a present status; rejuvenate our body so it can tuck some positive energy in when the opportunity presents itself.

The pursuit of one’s dream is a battle that cannot be won by mere efforts. Lean on God for direction and put in some positive energy.