The application of crypto currencies covers a vast area of human activities from sport,to gaming, health, transportation and many more. The growth and use of crypto currency is ever surging most especially in the gaming world. The game industry has overseen a vast amount of modern games being built on the blockchain in recent times. Most single player game are now being able to be converted to multiplayer due to the ability of the blockchain both to the advantage of game developers and players. Such is the case with CryptoPepes, a blockchain based game powered by Ethereum.

What is CrytoPepes?

CryptoPepes is a blockchain based game powered by the ultra capable Ethereum. It is a game where players can fight, mine, and breed a local crypto currency called PEP. CryptoPepes is a full-featured card game.

The PepChain

The PepChain is a DPOS 100% Ethereum compatible blockchain which has a transaction throughput that is at the bare minimum 3 times that of Ethereum. Additionally validators can choose to vote up the gas limit allowing the PepChain to process over 10 times more. At the start the PepChain can handle 3 times the amount of transactions of the Ethereum Mainnet and will scale up as the validators see fit.


Peps are the animated figure embedded on the card of players. Each Pepe has it own unique characteristics. Pepes can be designed using PEP token to upgrade attribute in your Pepe through purchase from the virtual market:CryptoPepes custom developed wallet, and this Pepe is owned by you.


PEP is an ERC-20 Ethereum compatible token. It is the token to be used for all transaction on CryptoPepes.

Use case

Ada and Jane both love to battle each other out in the card game in the quest for superiority. Now that Ada and Jane found out about CryptoPepes they can now battle it out on CryptoPepes, and also with the advantage of mining, breeding and trading their cards for PEP token that is tradeable on the blockchain.

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