OnePageX: Taking Crypto Exchange to a New Level

♢ Introduction

A cryptocurrency (or crypto currency) is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange that uses strong cryptography to secure financial transactions, control the creation of additional units, and verify the transfer of assets. Cryptocurrencies are alternative to fiat currency and they are decentralized: can be easily transferred or traded against each other on crypto exchange platforms without a central authority moderation.

In 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto was credited for the development of Bitcoin, the world’s first ever decentralized cryptocurrency.
It wasn’t the first time an attempt would be made in developing a digital currency, in 1983 the American cryptographer David Chaum conceived an anonymous cryptographic electronic money called ecash. Later, in 1995, he implemented it through Digicash, an early form of cryptographic electronic payments which required user software in order to withdraw notes from a bank and designate specific encrypted keys before it can be sent to a recipient. This allowed the digital currency to be untraceable by the issuing bank, the government, or a third party.

Following the development of Bitcoin by the anonymous cryptographer Satoshi Nakamoto (fictitious name), over 4000 Altcoins or crypto currencies had been developed in the likes of Ethereum, Litecoin, EOS,XRP and the rest. Each of this new crypto currencies trends the same path as Bitcoin with all operating on a decentralized platforms using the power of the blockchain technology.

The emergence of decentralized digital currency allows easy transfer of assets and execution of various transactions without moderation from centralized authorities. Digital currency threatened to disrupt the world centralize economy. Centralized financial institutions like banks are wary of the threat digital currency like bitcoin carries.

♢ Blockchain

The decentralized control of each cryptocurrency works through distributed ledger technology, called a blockchain, that serves as a public financial transaction database. Blockchain is an open distribute ledger that helps record transactions history between two parties efficiently and in a verifiable and permanent way. By design, Blockchain is resistant to the modification of the data it stores, as each block contains a cryptographic hash of the previous block, a timestamp, and transaction data, making it impossible to be compromised.

♢Cryptocurrency Exchange

Developing a digital currency is a thing, being able to trade it for value is another, and, that is where crypto exchange platform comes in.

A crypto Exchange, is simply-put, where digital currencies or crypto currencies are traded. It is a decentralized digital marketplace that allows the trading of crypto currencies against other digital currencies or against conventional fiat currency. Of a truth, we have vast number of exchanges currently in operation in the crypto sphere but all not excluding one are doing same thing, operating in the same manner.

And OnePageX is is just one of the crypto exchange but, with unique features that set it aside from the rest.

♢ Concepts

A crypto currency exchange can be:

■ A brick-and-mortal business

It is a brick-and-mortal business when it exchanges traditional payment methods and digital currencies.

■ As an online business

In this case, electronically transferred money are exchange for digital currencies.

♢ Philosophy Behind OnePageX Cryptocurrency Exchange

OnePageX is not doing something special, but it's doing somethings different. OnePageX is an exchange platform built to execute digital currencies transfer and conversion with simplest simplicity.
One thing OnePageX is doing different to other exchange is, all processes of transfer and conversion of digital currencies are carried out on a page and users dont need to sign up to trade on OnePageX which further strengthen the security of user private information.
Binance, Huobi, and OKEX are largely regarded as the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, but none can boast of the 150+ choice of cryptocurrencies available for trade on OnePageX.

♢ OnePageX Vision

To enable crypto currencies trade on a simple interface.

♢Key Features of OnePageX

• No Registration!

Who needs to register?. OnePageX allows on-the-go exchange process without need for registration helping strengthen anonymity of it users. With no private details needed to be provided, identity of users is strictly concealed. With no registration, transactions can be carried out on the go, which make things a lot easier, faster and secure.

• OneBox Widget

OnePageX widget called OneBox which can be integrated into websites just by copy-pasting a snippet. This feature automatically makes OnePageX inerface to be readily available on these websites, therby allowing users of the websites access to quick cryptocurrency exchange.

• OnePage Transactions

The simplicity by which transactions are executed on OnePageX is adoring. Simple as you can think, multiple transactions are executed on a single page, and this transactions are saved in the form of cards that users can come back to and use any time.

• Selection

Since bitcoin inception in 2009, over 4,000 other Altcoins had been developed. Over 150+ cryto currencies are available for selection on OnePageX more than any other cryptocurrency exchange giving traders wide range of option of cryptocurrency to trade. OnePageX integrates with other exchange to find the best price for any given cryptocurrency.

♢ How to use OnePageX

OnePageX is the easiest to use out of any cryptocurrency exchanges.

  1. Pick an asset to convert to.
  2. Enter a withdrawal address.
  3. Click “Start Exchange”
  4. A card will appear with a deposit address. Simply deposit to that address and you are done.

Each individual card will display a live transaction status that will let the user know about their transaction.


♢ Benefits of Using OnePageX

• Cost efficient
• Time efficient
• Friendly interface
• High security
• Easy navigation
• Large collection of cryptocurrencies.


♢ Use case and Application

Kenneth Bridge is the C.E.O of an online shopping mall who is looking to use the strength of the growing crypto market and also adopt the blockchain technology to his companys' advantage. At their executives meeting, Mr Bridge proposed the adoption of cryptocurrencies for shopping on their online mall. The tasks remain;

1.How to bring a crypto exchange on their already existing website
2.Since customers will be buying goods with different crypto currencies, an exchange with the largest collection if not all crypto currencies is needed.

The Option of OnePageX was put on the table. An exchange with the largest collection of cryptocurrencies (150+), and also has a widget that can be integrated on the company's already existing website that will allow customers carry out crypto transaction in a fast, efficient and simple way on their website. OnePageX was adopted.

♢ Conclusion

OnePageX is undisputedly a step ahead it rival exchanges. Built to execute transactions in the easiest manner ever witnessed in the world of exchange and with it no registration feature which further strengthens users anonymity, will in no doubt leads to it mass adoption. By no arguement, OnePageX is taking crypto exchange to a new level.

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♢Transaction Status Indicators

The transaction cards indicate the status of each transaction. This is to provide the user with an accurate idea in regards to the state of their transaction.

• Freshly created transaction card.

• Bitcoin sent, awaiting 2 confirmations.

• Exchange is complete, Starting withdrawal.

• Withdrawal complete! The transaction is done.