Tick tick says the clock. It’s Andela bootcamp day 2. A camp full of challenges but one passion to be a world class software developer would not allow one to give up. Deadlines for submission of assignments and of course assignments that would provoke your thinking faculty. Ever since the bootcamp had been on, I would say, I think of code, dream of code, and write in code. Today’s challenge called for another type of consultation. The challenges involves writing code to reverse a string, count the number of words in a string, and to build a command line application using a http(hyperText transfer protocol) library.

I started with the first two assignments. My code was written on the website. It took me several minutes before my code could pass all the test cases. Thereafter, having made consultation on how to use the readline module: to make the command line interactive, the request promise module: an http client library for making request with a promise, and a public API key on I began to build my command line application. My application could make a call to and return a json object. The object returned contained temperature in Celsius, name of city, pressure, humidity, longitude, and latitude. I expect my awesome bootcamp facilitator to vet it and give feedback.

The challenge was wonderful because at the end I could build a functional command line application. My work done was positive. Thanks to Andela.