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Credit: Faizur Rehman

Adobe Experience Design CC (beta) appeared in March and is Adobe’s attempt to create UI design tool that will work both on Mac ad Windows. Software is still in beta and it’s free.

I have a windows laptop (Yoga 510) so I had to work in XD for my recent project. I tried installing Mac OS on Windows laptop to use Sketch with VM working station, but it’s incredibly slow.

After designing car pooling app in Adobe XD I decided to write a review for those who are interested in it.

So here it goes.

Pros of Adobe XD

Starting. As soon as you open XD it offers you canvas sizes according to the devices you are designing. It also offers you UI kits of Apple iOS, Material Design and surprisingly Microsoft Windows (what Sketch is missing). So you can start designing your app and use some native UI elements as you go. …

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I am working in the tech industry for 5 years. For a long time, I was working in as a project manager or graphic designer. For a while, I was surrounded by VR headsets, eye tracking devices, projection tech, AR applications, etc. But mostly what I did with them is enjoy games or create and manage projects that had nothing to do with actual needs of users. That was the time I realized that good product is defined whether the user will use it or not.

Briefly, I started with my own tech blog, followed by co-founding several startups that failed and ended up as a UX & Product Designer. …

Even on governmental level

This year lots of hackathons were held in Tbilisi and as far as I know there is an innovation camp coming soon. When I graduated from high school five years ago, no one even knew definition of the word “Entrepreneurship” in Georgia (at least not that I know of), although there is no corresponding word in Georgian language yet, today there are reasonable amount of startup companies registered by Georgian entrepreneurs in Tbilisi as well as abroad. (i.e in2circle, deehubs, etc)
Let’s start from big to small.

1. Georgia is Selling eGovernment Innovation

In Georgia we have The Public Service Hall, it’s a building where most of public services are presented, so called “Everything in one place” system. The idea originated in 2005 and it was caused by effort to lower the level of bureaucracy and create an open governance. In other words this is the place where you can get birth certificate, get married, divorce, change name, get the citizen ID, get death certificate, etc. …

Because you are on your own!

Currently I am multitasking. Working as social media specialist at a healthcare company, editor in chief at online magazine ideahub and trying to lead my startup through a growth hacking process.

I always thought that working in startup is very difficult, but after two month of working in a huge corporation I understood that working in a big company is much harder.

And here is why…

  1. Most of the big corporations do not use cloud storage services. When it’s obvious that using it will make data sharing much easier. Even access to Google Drive will save a lot of time and resources. …

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This photo was just googled

How David made charity crowdfunding possible?

In Tbilisi (Georgia) there are a lot of non-profits who hire people to walk in metro/subway and asking passengers to donate money to save the life of 3-year-old girl, 2-year-old twins, etc. Recently this kind of charity volunteers became mainstream, they multiplied by dozens which makes passengers sick of them.

People simply do not want to spend money on charity in this way.

It is a problem.

What my friend, David did, he changed the way charity works. He created crowdfunding website — WeHelp, where he provides information (video and medical prescription) about people whose lives will be saved after donating money to them. …

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Photograph by: Stock image, ThinkStock

There’s no wonder they grow up like they do.

Pardon me, I’m not a parent, but this is what I see observing my friends and acquaintances raising their kids. I saw a photo on Facebook shared by one of my friends. Her son dressed in military uniform. Yes, it’s cute, makes you smile, you click on like and carry on with surfing the net.

But what does it do to a child? This reminds me the A Fabulous Child’s Story.

1. We dress our kids in pink and blue, give them toys like cars, guns, robots, barbies, kitchen toys, etc. Then they grow up being a “man” or a “woman”. If a male child will be little different, let’s say homosexual, then he won't be a “man” anymore. Put the orientation aside, even if he will like fashion, hairstyling, cooking, this all will provoke significant reaction from society (I’m talking about countries like Georgia, Turkey, etc.). He will just be an outlaw. …

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Use your eyes, tongue and taste buds.

I am always saying that the experience of a place, country, city or village depends on the people you meet there and places you visit. I have been in Istanbul five times. Each time I stayed around 3 days, but last time it was a week – a whole 7 days full of people, emotions, tastes and sounds. So, how did I get such experience? It’s simple, I followed simple steps.

I don't read guidebooks,they never tell you how people live in a certain country, it does not show you the spirit of a particular place, it just tells location and name of the place. The best way to get there and the cheap and tasty food to eat. …


Temo Baratashvili

UX/UI Designer 👨‍🎨 Trainer & lecturer; @temology

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