My music has improved

and I can’t say exactly why. I think that these reasons are the closest I’ve got to answering my wondering:

  • I’ve been far less tame about it, I have tried to stay going straight without falling down into a genre specific convention, I may have elements from different genres, but it doesn’t slide down into any collection of tracks which mimic successful ones, my music has become more me
  • I have experimented. No fear when trying something new leads to new sounds and interesting styles, if I had total anxiety towards trying things which I haven’t done before I would relapse into having underwhelming dissatisfaction with my end result. Trying new things is really fun and don’t be scared of 'failing' a mistake in ur ears is a fresh and exciting twist in someone elses.
  • I haven’t rushed them. If remember back a year or even a few months, I would let excitement and anticipation of my music render me a slave. I would complete a track and then immediately upload it, mistake. Now when I think I’m finished, I just leave it and take a break from music until the next day or start a new project. This way every time I come back to it i have fresh ears and can spot what works and what needs improvement. I used to just carry on and complete a track in 3 or 4 longggg sittings — this just lead to over complicating or ruining my tracks, like mixing paints to get a nice colour, overshooting and being left with a muddy brown. Now I have shorter sittings, but far more of them, I find it keeps everything nice and clean and doesn’t let the track get carried away.
  • Lastly, I really care about this music that I’m doing. I have tried stuff that feels right to me, not what feels right to others. I truly see now that when you are enjoying your music, no matter what others say, that enjoyment will lead to a final result that no one else can perfectly recreate, the excitement and happiness to your music draws out your character into the track, rather than focusing to achieve a certain sound that you’ve heard a thousand times before and thus holding back your character. That is what makes it unique and listeners crave a unique person.

Shit I rambled for a while, sorry bout that. I hope this can be read and help anyone who is struggling to regain enjoyment from their art.

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