$TMPST — Initial Coin Offering

$TMPST : Fractionalized ownership of Green Energy Production + Offsetting your carbon footprint


The $TMPST token offers a representation of ownership in our Green Energy production and the Green Tags/Environmental Attributes that come with it. A portion of the excess energy produced is sold for profit and transferred to $TMPST holders in the form of token buybacks.

The total initial supply is capped at 800,000 (eight hundred thousand) tokens. There will be 70% circulating supply at launch with an initial fully diluted market cap of $200,000

What is the Tempest Protocol?

Tempest’s vision is simple; to build a platform that allows individuals and businesses to offset their carbon emissions by purchasing utility tokens that are backed by verified units green energy and ongoing green energy production. We believe the renewable energy sector of DeFi is an untapped market with revolutionary potential, we envision Tempest as a first mover in this space. Our native $TMPST tokens represent ownership of portion of our Green Energy production (from our Wind+Solar farms) and they are measured in terms of Kilowatt Hours produced per year. Our primary objective in this context is to create a new medium for the exchange of complex investment contracts while widening access to previously exclusive growth opportunities within the renewable energy sector.

Using blockchain’s distributed ledger system, Tempest is sharing the opportunity for investors to be the first minters of our GreenTag-Backed TMPST tokens and take advantage of a suite of on-chain products in the first renewable energy investment of its kind.

The Tempest Protocol is constructed to enable the diversification of physical energy producing assets for users holding & staking $TMPST tokens. There will be three main buy-pressure generators for $TMPST holders: natural green energy price increases, revenue generated from our solar+wind farms, and increased demand for $TMPST tokens as we grow.

More than just a platform, Tempest represents a fresh conduit in the DeFi ecosystem through putting the planet before profits. Holders of $TMPST will be able to offset their own carbon emissions on an individual level as each TMPST token represents a share of our accrued Green Energy. In the long term, our enterprise aims to democratize access to previously exclusive investment types such as solar and wind farms, while accelerating growth in the wider DeFi ecosystem with a standardized platform for fundraising renewable energy initiatives on a per-project basis.

Token Utility

In DeFi, tokens typically serve as capital assets whereby holders directly profit from the growth of the protocol. This concept is very similar to the way stocks work.

Put simply, DeFi protocols generate revenue, which has to be allocated somewhere. Tempest’s main source of revenue will be generated from selling the excess Green Energy kilowatt hours produced from our solar and wind projects.

A portion* of revenue will be allocated to:

Token Buybacks: Tempest will allocate a portion of the revenue generated to buy back and burn $TMPST token supply. This concept mirrors share repurchases in the stock market. By reducing supply, the remaining $TMPST tokens become more valuable over time — benefitting $TMPST holders.

Profit issuance: Tempest will also allocate a portion of our profits to token holders (50% revenue from solar+wind projects) who stake their $TMPST tokens. This operates like a dividend, where $TMPST stakes are eligible to claim a share of the platform’s revenue. Unlike other protocols, $TMPST dividends can be paid out in stable currencies (USDT, USDC etc.), not the native token.

*Tempest will optimally allocate revenue to create long-term value for users of Tempest’ products and $TMPST token holders. Details on revenue allocation will be made public at TGE (token generation event).

Public Initial Coin Offering Sale

The ICO is organized into 4 rounds (projects) with token trading going live after round A — Round A, Round B, Round C, and Round D.

The offering for Round A (Simonson Solar Project) is $0.25 for a total raise of $200,000 (800k tokens)

The offering for Round B (Sibley Hills Wind Project — 1 Turbine) is $0.275 for a total raise of $500,000

The offering for Round C (Fable Hill Solar Project) is $0.30 for a total raise of $250,000

The offering for Round D (Sibley Hills Funded to Completion) is $0.325 for a total raise of $3,000,000

The total raise, across all 4 rounds, is $3,950,000 for 80% of token supply, valuing $TMPST at a $10,000,000 market capitalization once all are complete.

To take part in the private sale, please join our Discord.