How to Enjoy a Hassle-Free Vacation in Goa During the Monsoon?

Being a popular tourist destination Goa in India is the right place where tourists can travel in Monsoon to explore stunning raindrops, enjoyable drizzles, lush greenery, and amazing sea views. Perhaps this is the ideal time for the budget travelers as many of the beach resorts in south Goa offer lower rates to attract more guests. Though the journey to Goa during this lean season looks unpredictable, you can be sure to enjoy the vacation with your smart moves as described in this article.

Tips to have a hassle-free vacation during the monsoon

Take enough synthetic clothes: While visiting in Monsoon, you are likely to experience the rain all the time. Hence pack more synthetic clothes which tend to dry faster leaving you free. Otherwise other types of clothes will take a long time to get dry as well produce bad odor in the damp condition.

Pack medicines and carry repellents: Monsoon always makes water stagnation where mosquitoes and another insects breed. Hence carrying the repellents is wise and you can avoid such disease carriers straight away. Though many hotels provide, do not take a chance. Also, take common medicines so that you can avoid in reaching to medical stores in the rain.

Avoid outside food and water: It is always safe to avoid taking food and water from the roadside shops. Carrying bottled water is considered to safe while going out for sight-seeing. If kids are around take boiled water for them. It is wise to abstain from street foods during the monsoon though they tempt your taste buds. Most of the family resorts in Goa offer hot water facilities for their guests during the monsoon period.

Pack your hair dryer: Do not forget to pack your hair dryer as it is highly essential for your monsoon trip to Goa. Remember if you get wet during the rain while going out, you are likely to catch up cold if your head is wet. A hair drier will be handy for you to escape from such troubles.

Carry waterproof backpack: It is mandatory to carry a waterproof backpack to keep raincoats and umbrellas for you and family members. Also have some zip-lock covers to protect your gadgets like mobile phones, cameras.

Take game boards and books: While traveling in monsoon, the unpredictable weather can confine you in your room in the hotel. Hence carry game boards for kids and books for yourself to enjoy your leisure in the room.

Footwear: Always have the right footwear while making your vacation during monsoon. Avoid expensive and fancy footwear and carry the sandals and rain shoes for the entire trip.

Undoubtedly, Goa attracts both domestic and international tourists in all parts of the year. However, the charm of visiting this pristine beach land during the monsoons cannot be compared. If you are passionate to enjoy your monsoon, Goa is the right place for you. If you are a crazy rain lover, book your Goa holiday package right now and experience a different monsoon as never.