Know Everything About Ayurvedic Pizhichil Massage

A power dose of massage can make you feel energetic and vibrant, as the massage techniques involve many physical aspects of the human body, best defined in ancient times. Pizhichil is one of the ancient massage techniques or rather I should say ayurvedic treatment for replenishing your body and soul. This ayurvedic treatment once gained popularity during the reigns of kings also known as ‘king’s treatment’, the therapy is an ancient ayurvedic method used to heal.

How is massage performed by the therapist?

The massage can be performed while lying down on mat or massage bed and sitting on a chair, as such, there is no defined posture for this treatment. This ayurvedic treatment incorporates twenty liters of lukewarm medicated ayurvedic oil that is slowly poured on the body while the therapist keeps kneading it all over the body either by hand or by cloth. Usually, it takes an hour or more to complete the ayurvedic treatment.

Medicated oils used in Pizhichil

The therapist involves two ancient treatments for this ayurvedic massage namely Swedana (sudation) and Snehana (oletion). The therapist usually used regular herbal oil that is heated first and pours when luke warm but in a case of treatments medicated herbal based oil is used for the purpose. The lukewarm herbal oils help to relax the muscles and relieve the pain whereas the kneading improves the blood circulation.

Benefits of Pizhichil:

· This treatment helps to release stress and detoxifies the body.

· The medicated oils help to rehabilitates body muscles addressing specific pains

· Helps to stabilize the blood pressure also reduces neurological ailments if continued.

· Repetitive session cures rheumatic and arthritic ailments.

· Helps to rejuvenate skin and also reduces the skin aging syndrome.

· The treatment is highly recommended for improving the cardiovascular system.

Beware of the below-mentioned contraindications of Pizhichil

Although this is an ayurvedic treatment and the herbal medicated oils are used but the sensitivity level of the skin cannot be judged, in case you have an allergic skin do mention before the session so the therapist can try out on a patch of your skin before they proceed. Also, do not forget to inform if you recently went through any medical treatment or especially any application of medicines.

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