Must Try Spirits And Cocktails In Goa This Holiday

Goa is a popular destination for holidays all over the worlds this place has it all, be it the tranquil Arabian Sea or the beaches or the forests or rivers, what makes this place more interesting is the mixed culture and vibrant beach parties soaked in sun, sea, and spirits. Moreover, spirits in Goa are tax-free now that’s something that keeps the spirit lovers hooked in this place. So here we have shortlisted few spirits which you must try this time.

1. Feni: Feni is a local liquor made from cashew and coconut, it definitely smells little odd than other liquors but if mixed properly other beverages will surely give you the heavenly kick. Try mixing feni with ginger ale or Schweppes tonic water or raspberry juice.

2. Urrak: Urrak is semi-distilled ancient local liquor in Goa known as Feni’s cousin; this is a seasonal drink available only in summers. Try Urrak with soda water, a dash of lemon and top it up with ice, you can also add mint leaves or black salts to suit your taste.

3. Desmondji: Desmondji is treated as goan tequila but basically it’s a liqueur that can be topped in any cocktails, do try out the flavors. The best ways to have Desmondji is with blue curacao or any flavored breezer, the alcohol percentage is high so make sure you go slowly.

4. Chenin Blanc: Not everybody has a taste for wines but Chenin Blanc is something that may suit your taste buds. If you are not into wine then you should definitely try sangria cocktails and ask the bartender to spice it up a little.

5. Kings beer: Hangovers needs to be addressed especially in Goa, try Kings black label a locally brewed pilsner that is only available in Goa. You may not find it at concrete bars or restaurants, but surely you will get it on the beach shacks.

6. Cabo: You may have heard about Malibu the popular coconut rum, Cabo is similar to this exotic rum with a touch of sensuality. You can have Cabo in shots or with tonic water, Cabo, coke, and lime is also a popular drink to swear on.

I have seen many tourists traveling from the airport to their hotels stop at the first local wine shops to grab a beer, as this place is very upbeat and does not implement any strict rules on alcohol consumption as long as you and people around you are safe. If you are looking forward to feel the real Goa charm book beach resorts in south Goa or else you can even book the hotels near Goa airport for easy transportation around the city.