Tips On How To Maintain Your Electric- Scooter Lithium-Ion Battery

Lithium-ion batteries give more power to electric scooter and make them more preferable among buyers. Earlier electric scooter was considered as slow bikes but Lithium ion batteries has improved the e-scooters efficiency a lot. If you want to buy best electric scooter, go for Hero e- scooters with Lithium-ion battery. Here we are sharing the top six Lithium E-Bike battery maintenance tips which can help the E-Bike user in a long way:

• Product Manual: Smart people use this manual and note down the instructions for optimum usage of the E-bike as well as the Lithium-ion battery and its charger that is supplied along with. Do the basics right and follow with great consistency, especially the battery.

• Battery Charger: Use only this charger as recommended by the supplier. This alone is considered safe than the cheap chargers. Stick to it at any cost. Check the right power source before plugging the unit for charging. Read instructions in case of any doubt. Buy best scooter in India only from brand like Hero and only use the chargers provided by company for the Lithium-ion e-bike battery only.

• Maximum Charge: When you buy the E-bike, make the battery to charge to its maximum potential for a longer ride. Read the instructions about charging the battery by using the right charger. Do not make half-charge for any emergency ride. Always make a full charge before using the bike.

• Right Charging Temperature: Remember batteries are sensitive to extreme temperatures and avoid them. Always keep and charge the battery at temperatures ranging from 32F to 77F for a longer life.

• Charging Location: Do not charge the batteries in garage or garden where the temperature will be high. Charge it in the room normal temperature to increase the efficiency of the battery for long hours. Try to charge in the same power outlet as for as possible.

• Avoid Humidity: Since the E-bike is fitted with a Lithium-ion battery, store the bike in a dry place to protect the battery. Higher humidity lessens the life of the battery. Remember to keep the bicycle in a dry place after your ride.

Being one of the primary parts besides motor, a Lithium-ion battery is considered to be the vital part for E-bikes. Hence, its maintenance looks mandatory and a buyer of E-bike has to ensure to follow the above-stated guidelines in order to protect the investment. With a good maintenance, one can use the E-bike which is eco-friendly and emits zero carbon. By riding the fully charged E-bike a rider can able to keep the environment clean.