5 Thing I like and 5 Things I don’t Like About The Internet

One thing I like about the internet is that if I need to know something for a class or if I am just curious about the topic I can pull out my phone, go on chrome and search what I want to know, it is that easy. Another thing I like about the internet is the simplicity of it, it is very easy to navigate and use. I can also use the internet to stay conected with all my friends and family even from thousands of miles away. If I ever get bored I can open up my laptop and watch netflix or youtube. The internet has made getting work done for classes very easy in many ways, researching it, handing it in, and anything inbetween.

I dislike what the internet has become, just a ocean of people putting others down. It is very easy for people to find out who you are and steal from you whether it’s money from your online bank account or they find out your physical address and rob your home. It can be very limited, if you go outside a certain zone, you won’t be connected anymore, you have no signal. Studies have shown that people who are addicted to the internet or other aspects of the internet have the same withdrawl symptoms that someone trying to beat cocaine or heroine would be having. The dependancy of the internet is becoming more and more real as it is very easy to get around work whether you try to find others who have already written about your topic or you pay others to do you work for class.

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