5 Accessories You Need While Cycling In India

India is a land of diverse beauties, and this is a country which is inviting to tourists from its different states and all nations of the world. But an experience of travelling through the country can only be complete once you are ready to make an in-depth journey into its towns and rural areas and find out what all it has on offer. Cycling in India is one of the best ways to explore its true beauty, and meet the people of the country, know its culture and understand its traditions. While Cycling in India, here are 5 accessories you need to take along.


While cycling through the landscape, you are sure to have your eyes exposed to dirt, dust and many small particles flying at you. You will also find it difficult to keep looking at the road, with the harsh rays of the midday sun being too bright for comfort. Wearing a pair of good sunglasses can keep your eyes protected and comfortable. Get those which come with straps, so that they do not slip when you are cycling through rough terrains.

GPS and location tracker

Whether you are from another state or country, it is a good idea to have someone to tell you when you are going on a wrong route. It is better not to ask strangers for help, and have your own GPS device which can help you get driving directions. You can easily install a few free apps into your phone and use them to find out whether you are headed in the right direction. There are free apps like Google Maps, GPS Driving Route, GPS Navigation and MapQuest that you can set up and use. No need to rely on others for help!

Safety lights

It is essential to have safety lights on your bicycle, if you wish to go cycling during the night. This can assist you in seeing where you are pedaling to as well as allow other vehicles to see you. There are various types of lights, mini-light, solar combo light, head light, xenon head & tail lights and more that you can buy today. Not all roads in India are well-lit, and night vision can especially be a problem in rural areas and hinterlands.


Look for a wide brim sun hat, which keeps your scalp protected from the heat and also helps keep your vision safe from sun rays. It will prevent the heat from hitting directly on your face and keep you cooler all the while you are pedaling. Above all, there will be no need to scrunch your eyebrows together during the entire trip — which means a lot of comfort for any cyclist.

Bike gloves

You will have your hands constantly exposed to the elements while biking, and in a hot country such as India, you can get sunburned hands with long distance cycling. Look for gloves of medium thickness which can protect your hands from the sun, as well as allow you to hold the handlebars with greater ease.

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