How to Find a Job in Sydney on a Working Holiday Visa

An Australian working holiday visa is the most popular tool to have in your tool belt if you want to live and work in Sydney on a temporary basis.

It will give you an opportunity to explore and discover this beautiful and amazing city whilst earning a living to fund your adventures.

That said; the competition for jobs in Sydney is fierce as there are so many people with a similar idea, all vying for the same positions.

In this article, we’re about to give you some advice that will give you a head start on your competition when it comes to securing employment in Sydney…

  1. Your CV is vital!

Having a well-written and well-presented CV will definitely set you apart from everyone else.

Make sure to include all your relevant experience and the skills that you have learned throughout your working life, as this will help potential employers get a better insight into who you are.

Pro tip: Don’t be afraid to get creative with your CV as a little bit of originality can go a long way!

2. Visit local employment agencies

When you visit an employment agency in Sydney, you may be surprised at the number of jobs and positions they have on offer.

A huge number of employers hire employment agencies to help them recruit staff that are right for their particular requirements.

Employment agencies can assess your skills and experience and with their knowledge of the Sydney job market, they can provide you with the most suitable job openings and opportunities.

Some Sydney employment agencies can even provide you with advice on your interview as well as valuable information on employers.

3.Flexibility is key

When you get to Sydney and start your job search, it will pay you to be flexible in terms of positions that you are willing to take.

When you come to Sydney on a working holiday visa, your time in the country is relatively short, so you can’t expect to land a managerial position or cosy office job.

And while you might be lucky and land an office temping job or a hospitality position, you should also expect to get your hands dirty working as a farm labourer or fruit picker.

The objective, after all, is to earn some money so don’t be picky.

Sydney is beautiful so it’s no surprise that good jobs are hard to find. Why not increase your chances of securing the job that you really want by taking our advice on board?

And remember; you will experience some rejection but persistence is key so keep trying!

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