Setting up a New Business -Serviced Offices could be the Answer to find suitable space

Setting up a new business can be an exciting time, especially if you’re selling a product or offering a service that you’re passionate about.

You’ve done all your research, put together your business plan, juggled the figures and now it’s time to put it all into action.

But before you rush in and sign that 3-year lease on a new office or hire staff on a permanent contract, why not look at other options to get you started?

Serviced offices make sense for new start-ups

One way to take away the hassle of finding suitable office space is to move into serviced offices.

When your business is in its infancy, it makes sense to base your business within a serviced office complex that gives you access to all the space and facilities you need without the expense of being caught up in long leases, purchasing office furniture and equipment or employing staff.

By choosing to rent space in serviced offices Northern Beaches start-ups get access to modern and comfortable office space without being tied into a long-term contract.

And, if you need extra admin help but you’re not ready to hire staff, Northern Beaches serviced offices provide admin support too.

Furthermore, you’ll often find that the complex includes other facilities such as conference and meeting rooms, catering facilities and even gyms and showers.

Making it much easier to budget for office costs

If you’ve tried to budget for your office costs, you’ll know that it’s not just a matter of calculating rent.

There’s office furniture and equipment, utilities, insurances and cleaning services too.

When you rent space in serviced offices, Northern Beaches start-ups will find that all this and more is included in one fixed monthly rent, making it much easier to budget and account for.

Flexible office space that grows as your business grows

One major advantage of choosing serviced offices for your start-up is that you’ll be given a space that suits your requirements.

This may mean a dedicated desk in a shared office or a private office if you have other staff working with you.

Should your space requirements change, these can be easily accommodated within your serviced office space without having to pack up and move to a brand new location.

You’ll also benefit from the support of a dedicated team of admin staff, who’ll answer calls for you, look after your mail and meet and greet your visitors.

Should your business expand to the point where you not only need extra space but you need to hire staff, Northern Beaches recruitment agencies will help you to find suitable employees.

Serviced offices could be the answer to your cash flow

Whether you’re setting up your new business on a shoe-string or not, before you commit to a conventional office lease, consider how serviced offices could help your cash flow, especially in the initial few years.

Not having to worry about such a big factor of your operations will leave you to get on with making your business a success.

And trust us — your future successful self will thank you for it!

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