Andela class VI bootcamp — day 3

First off,on a light note — have a sense of humor you equinox. I wasn’t like daring you on my previous post. I’ll take it back if that’s what you want.

On to more serious matters now — guys have finally cosed up to the whole new environment thing. From the class lessons to the daily 9am team building sessions. Ideas are being expressed outwardly, questions being asked back and forth (with answers of course ) , jokes and laughter here there and everywhere. No one shuts you down or demeans you here so no need to be up tight. Guys can finally make sense of the “Latin “ our instructors were conversing in. Am quite sure we, the current boot campers, all know each other and several Andela fellows besides our tutors Alex, Mahad and Nandaa.

It’s kinda sad that… NO! It ain’t sad. It’s unfair and I object to it actually. The fact that just when guys are “coming to”, the next day several goodbyes will have to be exchanged. Can’t wait to see the outcome.

Week one is winding up so in addition to the tutor-led lessons, we have been assigned online labs & aptitude quizzes.

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