One way to adjust to the new reality is to accept that remote working is taking over the world. Despite minor difficulties, overall, it’s much cheaper for the companies, and the employees are happier and far more productive.

But what if your industry is 100% offline based and is suffering the post-COVID effect? The most reasonable way out of this is to get new qualifications and launch a brand new, online-based career.

If you Google ‘Online education’, you get 3 750 000 000 results. Obviously, it’s impossible to look through all of them, so here we have a small list of well-known and reliable sources that’ll help you get into a new field. …

Hey everyone! After a rather long pause, we are finally back! In the light of recent changes in our daily lives, thanks to a vile spiked sphere, let’s talk about the effect of COVID on our lives.

COVID has divided our lives into before and after. Forced into isolation, society has changed its behavioural patterns. Some things like online shopping, online cinemas have long ago become part of our then normality. Whereas online education and remote working have only begun to enter our daily routine and stopped being something unusual. …

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Voice your opinion to build a new culture of crypto trading.

We could use your help in a big way. Can you take this quick survey about your crypto trades?

Tencoins Ltd is currently carrying out research that aims to “develop a solution to change the crypto trading market”.

We have a lot of ideas about how to make this market better. But we realized that what we think doesn’t really matter. It’s what you think and what you need.

So, that’s why we are inviting Crypto Enthusiasts (20 to 54 years old — from all over the world) to participate in answering this survey. …

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For IT experts looking to advance their careers or people who want to start their career in IT field, there have never been so many options for free online education.
In the numerous websites dedicated to online learning we make our top 10 where you can find free online IT classes.

For self-motivated learners, these courses can be an excellent way to get the training they need: — the best system for learning to code — Learn Web Development from scratch — Online learning from the world is the best universities and companies - Learn Data Science…

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The popularity of remote work is growing at a frantic pace, and office spaces around the world are gradually becoming empty: people began to appreciate the benefits of free movement with the ability to work from anywhere in the world.
The opportunity to work both at home and in the Bahamas, in a cafe or in the country — this is not the only advantage of remote work. They are much more.
- it is easier to concentrate: it doesn’t matter if you work in a large team or in a small one, there will always be more different distractions in the office than at home;
- “director” to himself: the majority of remote workers can plan their own time and work at a pace that is convenient for them;
- saving time: no need to spend time on the way to the office and back, saved hours can be spent on personal affairs. And it is pleasant to realize (especially in foul weather): while colleagues are just on way to the office, you are already working with might and main;
- saving money: get to work costs money, it does not matter, we are talking about your own car or public transport. And even more money goes to lunch and coffee, while at home the food is always at hand, and much cheaper. And you don’t spend money on office clothes;
- a fact is proven by researchers — people working from home are less sick. While at home, you can avoid unnecessary health risks (for example, catch flu from a colleague or in transport) and take care of yourself by taking the medication in a timely manner.
Of course, working outside the office requires self-discipline and organization. And although at first glance it seems that the office disciplines more than working at home, recent studies have shown that workers at remote work are 10–15% more productive than employees who spend all their time in the office. …

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Today we celebrate the 1st year anniversary of Tencoins Ltd.

Congratulations to our team, our clients and providers!

One year ago on June 11, 2018, our company was established in Malta! Tencoins — the company with a focus on developing IT solutions for free & easy finance.

The start was made by the founder, a professional trader, with a clear vision of what the products should be and a team of enthusiastic developers desired to create new and high-tech products!

In August 2018, we found a nice office spot with sea-view where we create a cool and comfortable workplace for the team. …

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The 1st of May, is a national, public holiday in many countries across the world, in most cases as “Labour Day”, “International Workers’ Day” or May Day.

Its history of this event began in 1889 in the US. It all started with rallies in support of an 8-hour working day, and ended with the police actions and thrown bomb. Exactly one year later, American workers held a strike in memory of the dead.

It was in memory of dead people the Paris Congress of the International II support the suggestion of the American workers who planned their strike next year, on May 1, 1890, declared this date a Day of solidarity of workers around the world, and offered to celebrate it with demonstrations demanding an 8-hour working day and other social demands. …

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To achieve high levels of concentration and productivity is very important, especially when you are working on project.

There are many ways we can improve our productivity. Two main of them are by increasing your our energy and using our time more wisely.

Below I list just few of the ways to help ourselves to get more energy….

1.Having a good night’s sleep (7–8 hours per day)

Modern scientific research proves that it is essential to have at least 7–8 hours of sleep for efficient cognitive work and staying in good health.

2. Physical exercises (walking 40 minutes a day…

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Let’s talk about relocation? In the modern globalised world more and more people decide to take the challenge of moving away from their home country to discover new opportunities. However exiting relocation experience may seem, it’s always difficult, too. Day to day things that you’re used to in your home country change overnight and you find yourself in the middle of an ocean full of surprises that might not always be pleasant. …

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Let’s discuss vacation leave? It’s an open secret that employers would be more than happy if employees could work without taking any leave. But is it really beneficial for the business?
When we’re 100% involved in something and put all our energy and dedication in it, that’s what allows business to make a breakthrough and evolve at an enormous speed. But let’s see what happens next.
In approximately three months time an employee starts to feel exhausted, but the business ‘vehicle’ with its targets is moving so fast that it’s impossible to stop. It seems like at this exact moment it’s just impossible to go on leave, have some rest, just take a pause… So what happens next?
Most likely the employee will keep up working at the same crazy pace for a while because he can’t stop in between of what has been started already. However, his productivity will eventually go to zero, his bosses will be unhappy with his performance because they know his actual capacities versus the ‘results’ he’s showing now.
As a result, such employee either gets fired or decides to quit the job. Because he feels exhausted, burnout or just starts to think it’s not really his thing…
We all have been there and experience such situations at the workplace, as unfortunately business often sees people as a recycling material. From this year we decided to make sure to do things differently and not let burnout happen. Thus we have an obligatory rule — every employee must use up all his leave days and have quality breaks from work! …


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