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Thanks Mark. It may not be necessary to combine them. But I do want to help companies find a lens through which they can analyze the balance in their product portfolio. This is to ensure that they can be explicit about not simply focusing on the core products, which is the natural instinct when you are running a successful business. With the right lens, they can analyze gaps in their portfolio and then make strategic decisions about what to do.

The second reason is that I feel that you can’t manage the different types of innovation in the same way. The principles, practices, resource, capabilities and KPIs for each type of innovation are slightly different. As are expectations in terms time-lines, returns etc. I find that when companies apply the wrong management tools to innovation, it often fails. I think the knowing the game you are playing and its rules might be helpful.

This is hard enough with transformational innovation, but it gets even harder with disruptive innovation because you are having to make a tonne of counter-intuitive decisions. Imagine management making decisions to invest in products that will serve smaller emerging markets, make less money or lower profit margins! To a typical MBA this make no sense! But this is where disruption hides…

So this is my hope with this work.

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