Update from July’s Tendermint Board of Directors meeting: The final two members to join Tendermint Inc’s five-person Board of Directors are Claire Hough, CTO at Lyte and Nick Tomaino, Founder and General Partner at 1confirmation.

Tendermint Inc’s primary focus over the past three years has been about building software and community for the Cosmos Network. Today’s vibrant, talented and committed community of ATOM holders, software developers, and distributed applications is a significant milestone towards fulfilling the vision of Cosmos, the Internet of Blockchains. …

Decentralization, permissionless computing, and trustless systems are keystone to the global cryptocurrency movement. In the same vein, those core tenets are keystone to Tendermint Inc’s (as in, All in Bits) organizational policy. Adopting such policy paves the way towards resilient, redundant, and more productive ecosystems as the network evolves into an Interchain. To better enable the Cosmos Network to proliferate and make progress without risk of running into bottlenecks (halting), we at Tendermint Inc must necessarily undergo needed restructuring. The following update outlines the high-level details of what will be restructured:

A Refocus on Engineering

Because we recognize the extraordinary talent of the protocol…

Tendermint Inc. is joining other key ecosystem stakeholders in running a node on the Torus Network. Together with Binance, ENS, Etherscan, Matic Network, Skale, Zilliqa, and Ontology, we will be running a validator node that operates Torus’ Distributed Key Generation, Proactive Secret Sharing and Key Assignment protocol.

by All in Bits (dba Tendermint Inc)

Ethereum is moving towards a sharded Blockchain architecture, which is a bit like a Local Area Network (LAN) of Blockchains. Everyone loves a good LAN party but sometimes you need to access remote systems. In terms of traditional computers this activity manifests as “The Internet” which utilizes TCP/IP as a communication protocol between remote machines. On a network of Blockchains you need IBC (Inter-Blockchain Communication) which manifeste as “The Interchain”. IBC enables a massive variety of networks to co-exist, each with their own features and purpose, communicating with a trustless protocol. …

Month of October, by All in Bits (Tendermint Inc)

Note: The Cosmos ecosystem is constantly growing and expanding. This article’s content is now outdated. For the latest content, see https://cosmos.network/.

The decentralized feature of the Cosmos ecosystem means that community engagement plays a significant part in the project’s growth. The role of each participant shifts from a simple observer to an active contributor, which is why we added a new section to the newsletter, Community Conversations, to highlight these active contributors.

This month, community conversations focuses on security solutions and proposals related to improving the decentralization of validator staking power. …

by All in Bits

Note: The Cosmos ecosystem is constantly growing and expanding. This article’s content is now outdated. For the latest content, see https://cosmos.network/.

Why is Cosmos Hub 2 being upgraded to Cosmos Hub 3?

The Cosmos community has voted to upgrade the Hub with the improvements and features that the SDK development team has been hard at work on. The version on the live network now, v0.34, represents a network in which both the Cosmos SDK, a framework for app developers to build blockchain-based applications, and Gaia, the codebase of the Cosmos Hub blockchain, are enmeshed in an intricate system of tightly-coupled dependencies in the same repository.

We’ve since split Gaia from Cosmos…

Attn: Atom holders

Re: Atom Transfers Proposal: https://cosmos.bigdipper.live/proposals/2


AiB (All in Bits) will work with SimplyVC to propose a slightly modified proposal, with some needed changes, namely, with a new chainID, block size parameters, and a two-phase process for software upgrades. AiB recommends that those who have already voted YES to change their votes to NO for proposal-2.

This proposal isn’t intended to delay enabling transfers but to tweak some properties and to get 2/3rds votes on a specific code hash before an upgrade happens.


  • The desired chain upgrade mechanism for enabling transfers will start the chain from height 0…

Tendermint Inc Secures $9 Million Series A Financing Round Led by Paradigm

We’re proud to announce our Series A investment round. We closed a $9M round, led by $400M crypto investment firm, Paradigm, along with participation from Bain Capital, 1confirmation, and other notable investors.

The Series A financing builds on a year of market adoption that has been quickly gaining steam, building up in eager anticipation of the Cosmos Hub mainnet launch. The Series A funding is well-timed, closing at the same time as mainnet launch. …

Greetings! As launch looms closer and Game of Stakes begins, we want to give an update on the Cosmos software development roadmap and specifically the DEX software roadmap.


Tendermint Inc focuses on shipping software to build the Interchain. Here’s where we publish news about our partners and initiatives.

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