Intuition is not the source; it’s merely the channel. Creativity wells up from somewhere else.
One More Wave
Matt Steel

You know… The whole text is gorgeous and inspirational, but this part really moved me.

I’m no person of faith. Unfortunatelly. The lack of faith is constantly a problem I found within myself and it makes me sad… It’s not that I don’t belive in God. But I question things more than I think I should. More than it is healthy for me. As an example, I find myself making decisions and questioning them a few minutes later — when not forgetting them at all, but this is a whole other problem.

As a result, I feel this lack of faith and excess of questioning creating a dam between me and the river. Not only creatively speaking, but in life itself. And it’s specially hard because I… I can feel the river, it pressures me, but I can’t let myself drown in it. It’s odd and scaring… But necessary.

A lot of texts I read open my eyes to it a little bit, in one way or another. But is a damn strong dam (pun intended) I created around me, and to crack it will take me a long time…

Nevertheless, thank you for this beautifully written and inspiring story you shared with us.