Stan Wawrinka

2015 French Open Champion

When everybody thought that Novak Djokovic was going to Win his first French Open Title and his second Grand Slam title of the year, on his way to win the four Grand Slam titles in the same calendar year, Stan Wawrinka change the course of history by winning the Title on his own.

Photo credit: Pierre Samson

The Swiss and his Swedish coach Magnus Norman established the perfect plan to get to the Trophy and Wawrinka, yesterday in Paris, made the perfect execution.

Norman is renowned to have coached Sweden player Robin Soderling with whom he inflicted the first Rafael Nadal’s defeat on Clay at Roland Garros in 2009. And this year, it’s with Wawrinka that he stuns the tennis world again.

Photo credit: Pierre Samson

With a great customized strategy against Djokovic’s game, they were able to make their way to the finish line.

With powerfull and precise groundstrokes, with serves that were bombs and adequate mindset, Stan Wawrinka brought his A game specially from the second set until the end of the game.

Great accomplishment and team effort!

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