Top Angular Development Companies in 2021

Angular is a JavaScript framework that helps developers streamline the application creation process. The library has many features that simplify the implementation of complex tasks of modern applications, such as data binding, routing, and animation. Angular also introduces a number of conventions about approaches to app development, which can certainly be very useful for large teams that need to work together on a single project. With such a growing popularity, we’ve decided to compile a list of the best Angular development companies, which we are going to introduce in this article.

Customers and developers alike appreciate Angular projects because it is part of the JavaScript ecosystem, which has been known for years as the most robust, user-friendly, and cost-effective way to build applications. The framework was released in 2009 and has been supported by Google ever since, gaining a huge community of experts.

These days, more and more app owners are thinking about migrating from Angular.js to Angular 2 and looking for reliable and qualified developers to do so. And when it comes to choosing the right team, they get stumped and can’t make a final decision because the market is crowded with different companies of different sizes. An involuntary question arises: how do you choose the most progressive company that will develop the best solutions for the tasks you have set?

When choosing an Angular software development company that will implement the order, be careful — unscrupulous contractors do not delve into the context of the tasks and may interpret the requirements in a convenient way. As a result, there is a risk of getting a completely different product than the one you initially wanted. That is why it is very important to actively engage with the developers, as well as to allocate funds for analytics and draw up high-quality terms of reference. Therefore, try to choose professionals to implement your projects.

We bring to your attention the top Angular development companies that specialize in creating Angular applications. So, without further ado, let’s take a closer look at them and find out what makes them really reputable and trustworthy.

Below you can check out a short list of Angular development companies that specialize in Angular and are some of the best in the business.

Rank #1 ModLogix;

Rank #2 QArea;

Rank #3 Moove It

Rank #4 Zoolatech;

Rank #5 Maxiom Technology;

Rank #6 Fabrit Global;

Rank #7 Kellton Tech Solutions;

Rank #8 Buildable Custom Softserve;

Rank #9 Instil Softserve;

Rank #10 JazzServe.

Best Angular Development Companies Reviewed

1. ModLogix

  • Date of creation: 2014.
  • Number of employees: 50–249.
  • Minimum project size: $10,000.
  • Average hourly rate: $25-$49/hr.
  • Location: New York, NY.
  • Top clients: Bunddler, Approved Admissions, VCT, Madison, Rater8.
  • Tech Stack: React.js, Java, PHP, Node.js, Python, Angular, Javascript, C#.
  • Main services: Software System Assessments and Audits, Desktop to Web Application Migration, Web and Desktop Application Upgrades, Architecture Improvements, API Integrations, Cloud Migration.

ModLogix has a very clear focus on one service — transforming legacy software. Founded in 2014, the Angular.js development company has been helping enterprises migrate legacy software solutions to secure, stable and scalable platforms for many years, preserving and enhancing their value for modern businesses.

Other activities of the company are also worth noting, such as cloud migration, evaluation and audit of legacy software, migration of desktop systems to web applications, architecture improvement, modernization of web and desktop applications, API integration and integration of legacy systems, reengineering of legacy systems, system customization for mobile devices.

ModLogix can offer customers a qualified team of best Angular developers, who can find the best and most effective solution for their specific task.

2. QArea

  • Date of creation: 2000.
  • Number of Employees: 50–249.
  • Minimum project size: $10,000.
  • Average hourly rate: $25-$49/hr.
  • Location: Beverly Hills, CA.
  • Top clients: Kroodle, Last Mile Health, Dashlane, Huffpost, Skype.
  • Tech Stack: React.js, Java, Node.js, Python, Angular, Javascript, PHP, C#, Go.
  • Main services: Design, Web Development, Mobile Application Development, Product Development, DevOps, Testing & QA, IT consulting.

QArea is a full-service Angular software development company with 20 years of experience in building custom web solutions of any complexity and scale. Like any progressive company, they follow industry best practices, using progressive frameworks to improve workflows and keep the services offered up-to-date.

The company’s in-house team focuses on creating complex, high-load web projects with scalable architecture (JAVA, PHP, Python, Golang), pixel-perfect design, and attractive and functional front-end execution (Vanilla JS, jQuery, Angular, React.js). It is worth mentioning that QArea has a dedicated test lab with 100+ QA engineers and 250+ physical devices, which undoubtedly simplifies the testing phase of developed projects and is an additional guarantee of quality services at all stages of development.

3. Moove It

  • Date of establishment: 2006.
  • Number of employees: 50–249.
  • Minimum project size: $100,000.
  • Average hourly rate: $50-$99/hr.
  • Location: Austin, TX.
  • Top clients: Unilever, Verifone, BAMTECH Media, Sierra Wireless, Catapult Health, YouScience, MapRight, Bancard, PrescribeWellness, QuantumIOT.
  • Tech Stack: Angular, React Native, Ruby, Java, React.js, Javascript, Node.js.
  • Main services: Product Development, Product Discovery, Product Design, Machine Learning and Data Science, Digital Transformation, DevOps, SRE & Cloud.

Moove It is one of the leaders among top Angular development companies in software development, which designs, develops and implements customized solutions for organizations that want to succeed with technology, specifically Angular. Offering partnerships that go beyond technology, Moove It developers collaborate with customers to create superior digital experiences for global development.

Moove It provides web and mobile app development, enterprise product consulting and software development services for a variety of industries, including finance, education, healthcare and IoT. The company’s specialists are ready to offer fresh solutions for the most complex tasks and demonstrate their professionalism in an unconventional but effective approach.

4. Zoolatech

  • Date of establishment: 2017.
  • Number of employees: 250–999.
  • Minimum project size: $100,000.
  • Average hourly rate: $50-$99/hr.
  • Location: Palo Alto, CA.
  • Top clients: Nordstrom, Stanford Magazine, Tailored Brands, Zeacon, Ten-X, GreenVisr, Revinate, inPowered, Vungle.
  • Tech Stack: React.js, RoR, Java, Node.js, Python, Angular, Javascript, .NET.
  • Main services: Custom Software Engineering, Quality Engineering, Support and Maintenance, UI/UX Design, Cyber Security.

Zoolatech is a custom Angular development agency focused on providing high-end solutions. Its core business is in custom, web and mobile development, AI and machine learning, cloud and DevOps, UX/UI design followed by its successful integration into code and QA services, which includes both manual and automated testing.

Thanks to a large number of the best specialists, the company controls all stages of the development of a particular product. This makes it impossible to doubt the quality of the services and solutions offered, as this comprehensive approach ensures exceptionally high results. When fulfilling orders, Zoolatech focuses on the customer’s individual needs and adapts all of its solutions to them.

5. Maxiom Technology

  • Date of establishment: 2002.
  • Number of employees: 10–49.
  • Minimum project size: $50,000.
  • Average hourly rate: $100-$149/hr.
  • Location: Ashburn, VA.
  • Tech Stack: React.js, RoR, Java, Node.js, Python, Angular.js, Javascript, .NET, Ember.js, Ruby on Rails, ASP.NET, Gatsby, UBUNTU, Vue.js.
  • Main services: On-Demand Software Engineers, Custom Software Development, Mobile App Development, Robotic Process Automation / RPA, MVP Development, Managed Remote Teams, System Integration, UI/UX and Web Design, DotNetNuke.
  • Top Clients: US Department of Homeland Security Walgreens, American Society of Hematology, American Association of Blood Banks, American Water Works Association, CareMetx, CrowdKeep, Genesys Impact LLC, AT&T British Telecom, International Union of Operating Engineers, Hyperlogs Landlord Lane, The United Food & Commercial Workers.

Maxiom Technology is an Angular software development company that offers its clients a wide range of software development and consulting services. The main focus of the company is the development of complex web applications, cloud, mobile and corporate applications. The company also offers its clients UX/UI design and CMS development services.

Angular developers at Maxiom Technology create innovative custom software for businesses and organizations around the world. The company uses Agile development processes combined with strict checks and balances to work efficiently. Most of the company’s clients are repeat customers, which speaks for the quality of their services and a high level of trust among customers.

Maxiom Technology’s clients range from small and midsize businesses and startups to Fortune 500 companies and large non-profit organizations (NGOs). Over the past few years, hundreds of companies around the world have entrusted their software development projects and IT services to Maxiom Technology.

6. Fabrit Global

  • Date of inception: 2014.
  • Number of employees: 10–49.
  • Minimum project size: $10,000.
  • Average hourly rate: $50-$99/hr.
  • Location: UK.
  • Top clients: Societe Generale, Hawkins Brown, Pier Asset Management, NB Group, Allford Hall Monaghan Morris, Somporduct, eSave.
  • Tech Stack: React.js, Java, Node.js, Python, Angular 8+, Javascript, .NET, C#, SQL Server.
  • Main services: Technical Business Analysis, Digital Solution Strategy, Technical Guidance and Advisory, Software Architecture, Wireframes, Sketches and Mockup Design, Development Timeline and Estimates.

Fabrit Global is one of the best Angular development companies that develops and builds mostly custom web applications for companies. Fabrit Global has extensive product development experience with which it creates effective, long-term solutions that can give every business a significant competitive advantage. The company considers an in-depth analysis of each client’s business, as well as constant reporting on progress, to be its hallmark. This guarantees the client an easy, predictable and organized development process.

Fabrit Global operates using Agile methodology which provides clarity and transparency to the client in the development process as new features are developed and tested every two weeks, which benefits everyone involved. The company has included only a few modern programming languages — Angular and C# — in its specialization, which guarantees higher quality and faster development times for clients’ applications.

7. Kellton Tech Solutions

  • Date of establishment: 2009.
  • Number of employees: 1,000–9,999.
  • Minimum project size: $25,000.
  • Average hourly rate: $25-$49/hr.
  • Location: Reston, VA.
  • Top Clients: Financial Services — PNC Bank, BNP Paribas, Paytm, Clix Capital. Insurance — Aegon, Aviva Life Insurance, Eldermatics, Max Life. Real Estate — Foxtons, Sherlock Homes, Engel & Volkers, Prop Tiger. NonProfits — Unicef, Govt. of Mauritius. eCommerce — Walmart, J.CREW, Vestige, Polo Ralph Lauren
  • Tech Stack: Angular.js, JavaScript, Preact.js, React.js, Vue.js, Java, PHP, Python, .NET, Ruby on Rails.
  • Main Services: Agile Software Development, Digital Commerce & Marketing, Digital Integration, Outsourced Product Development, Platform Modernization, Professional Services, R&D Labs, Technology Consulting, Testing & Automation.

Angular.js web development company Kellton Tech has been providing technology consulting and services for 12 years. Using technology as a competitive success factor, they develop unique and business-specific customized IT solutions for organizations of all sizes and industry verticals. The company boasts experience developing projects in industries such as insurance, financial services, and real estate. The company typically conducts successful digital transformation for companies ranging from small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to Fortune 500 companies.

Kellton Tech’s core services include custom software development, e-commerce development, enterprise application modernization, framework and CMS development, and application platform development.

8. Buildable Custom Software

  • Date of establishment: 2008.
  • Employee count: 10–49.
  • Minimum project size: $10,000.
  • Average Hourly Rate: $100-$149/hr.
  • Location: McMinnville, OR.
  • Top clients: CityCounty Insurance Services, Precision Analytical Inc., BrainScope, Catholic Leadership Institute, Parity Software, Tangeloo, CatholicTV.
  • Tech Stack: C#, Java, JavaScript/TypeScript, JSON, XML, Angular, WPF, ReactiveX, LINQ, ASP.NET, .NET Core.
  • Main Services: Web Applications, Mobile Apps, Desktop Apps, UX/UI Design, Software Integrations, Maintenance and Support.

Since 2008, Angular software development company Buildable has been distinguished by its hands-on, people-oriented approach to developing web, mobile and enterprise applications for a multitude of companies and industries. Professional development team is ready to implement the boldest ideas of the client, taking into account the specifics of a particular request. The company offers web and mobile application development, design, consulting and software integration services. The main expertise of Buildable Custom Software is focused on the following areas: health care, insurance, logistics and small business.

The company creates software guided by the already mentioned Agile-minded methodology.

9. Instil Software

  • Date of creation: 2005.
  • Number of employees: 50–249.
  • Minimum project size: $50,000.
  • Average hourly rate: $100-$149/hr.
  • Location: Belfast, UK.
  • Top clients: Fintech, Telecommunications, Retail, Automotive, IT/Computing, Professional services, Media, Consumer Goods, Education industries.
  • Tech Stack: C#, Java, JavaScript, Angular, ReactiveX, LINQ, ASP.NET, C#, React.js.
  • Main Services: Web Applications, Mobile Apps, Desktop Apps, Software Integrations.

Instil is a custom Angular development company that has been successfully operating for 16 years. Years of experience enable the company to create innovative solutions to the most varied problems and develop only effective strategies for the most specific ideas. Trusted by some of the world’s most renowned companies, they develop mobile, desktop and cloud solutions that are currently at the center of their customers’ business. Backed by a culture of quality and excellence in software engineering, with an enormous focus on code, quality and automated testing, the company strives to create reliable, sustainable and productive software that exceeds customer expectations.

10. JazzServe

  • Date of inception: 2017.
  • Number of employees: 10–49.
  • Minimum project size: $5,000.
  • Average hourly rate: $50-$99/hr.
  • Location: Tallinn, Estonia.
  • Top clients: Wonder, IKnow, Alpen Pharma Group, GNS.
  • Tech Stack: C#, Java, JavaScript, Angular, ReactiveX, LINQ, ASP.NET, C#, React.js, PHP, SQL, Shell scripts, Lavarel.
  • Main Services: Corporate Software Development, Software Integrations.

JazzServe is a European Angular app development company specializing in enterprise software development.

The main goal of the company is to develop high-performance web services with enhanced reliability. Taking into account the specifics of each project, Jazzserve creates unique and effective solutions to maximize the success of each order. Due to Agile-methodology, the development team is constantly in touch with the client, which allows us to efficiently implement even the most ambitious projects and find the most profitable solutions for them.


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Before requesting application development in Angular, assess your task: understand how big it is and whether the development will pay off. Be especially vigilant when choosing an Angular company to implement your project, as the success of the product directly depends on the professionalism of the developers. If you hire a company from the list above, you will ensure exclusively high-quality and consistent execution of tasks, a comprehensive approach to solving all arising problems and attention to all your wishes and comments.

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