Mapping Apple’s major product launch dates to stock price and quarterly EPS charts. 【AAPL】
2 min readJul 10, 2022


This chart shows Apple’s stock price plotted at 15 times annualized EPS (light green area). Characteristically, sales (profits) tend to concentrate during the Christmas season (October to December period), creating a cyclical hump on the chart.

The annual fiscal year end of U.S. companies is usually December, but in the case of Apple, it is September. I believe that this is because the Christmas season (October-December) is the first quarter of the fiscal year, so that the company can make solid sales (profit) and have a good outlook for the rest of the year.

The dark blue markers on the chart indicate the timing of Apple’s major product announcements on the chart.

Looking at the long-term chart, we can see that the share price rose further with the announcement of the M1 Mac, after a slowdown in the rapid rise since the Corona shock around March 2020.

The bar chart area below the stock chart also shows operating cashflow (green), net income (yellow), and operating cashflow margin (blue dotted line).

In the case of Apple, net income is backed by ample operating cash flow, and the operating cash flow margin (operating cash flow/sales) is generally 25% or higher, making it a very healthy profitable business model.

Conversely, if a company has low operating cash flow (green) but high net income (yellow), it is often forcing the company to record profits outside of its core business, so caution should be exercised in acquiring shares of that company.

It is too late to say this, but I wish I had stocked up on Apple stock around the time of the iPhone X announcement in 2017, but at the time there was a sense of stagnation in the evolution of smartphone technology, and I did not have an image of rapid growth from that point forward.

I find it difficult to invest, and at the same time, I feel the underlying strength of the company Apple.

APPL Stock Price and Quarterly EPS Chart
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