Mapping Tesla’s major product launches and Gigafactory startup dates to stock price and quarterly EPS charts. 【Long-term investment strategy for U.S. equities】
2 min readJul 11, 2022


This chart plots Tesla’s stock price and 15 times annualized EPS (light green area) + BPS(light blue area). Since Tesla is a hypergrowth stock, the stock price is at a high level, well away from the light green area. (It means High PER)

Tesla’s stock price and 15 times annualized EPS (light green area) + BPS(light blue area)

We have plotted the timing of Tesla’s major product announcement (ModelY) and the timing of the major factory operation on this stock price and quarterly EPS chart.

The turning point in the stock price rally is not the timing of the major product announcement (Model Y), but the timing of the Giga Shanghai Factory startup.

This may be because investors knew that the company’s products were excellent, but they were more concerned with the manufacturing and production aspects of the company’s ability to meet the market demand.

Although the most recent monetary tightening has caused the stock price to drop sharply, we can see that both operating Operating Cash Flow and Net Income have been growing steadily since around 2021.

By the way, world-renowned programmer Satoshi Nakajima who developed Windows95 and Internet Explorer3 & 4 is also a Tesla owner and Tesla stock holder.

At the Morningstar U.S. stock seminar in November 2019, he was asked, “What is the future of GAFA?” He answered “Tesla” without hesitation.
(Written in Japanese.)

Since then, the stock price has skyrocketed. It is often said that the future of stock prices is uncertain, but I guess it means that those who can see it can see it.

Tesla “TSLA” Stock Price and Quarterly EPS Chart

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