30days - 30days - 30 days

Think about something you always wanted to do in life.

Can’t think of anything?

How about a 30-day challenge? They seem to be all the rage lately on Facebook.

You might or might not heard of it already, a 30 days challenge is, simply put, an activity you commit to perform regularly for 30 days.

The challenge could be something like learning a new skill.

Say yes to something you always talk yourself out of — sing karaoke or take a kickboxing class, even you’re afraid of you’ll feel embarrassed. Start taking piano lessons or karate classes or taking a walking lunch. You might not have to over-complicate things. Simply walking around your neighborhood for a half-hour with no destination in mind, and then eat at your desk when you return. You never know what will happen when you get out without a plan.

But there is one caveat, 30-day challenge need to be carefully chosen to be life-altering experiences.

The objective is to understand exactly what the activity may bring to you, in terms of benefits, and how the activity will impact your current routine, in terms of your available resources. The benefits may be: losing weight, gaining more money, getting healthier. The resources may be: time, physical effort, intellectual effort, emotional strain.

Personally, I like the challenge of trying different things and wondering whether it’s going to work or whether I’m going to fall flat on my face. But isn’t that part of the experience?

My recommendation is to focus on doing something small each day. You could make an effort to connect with people you pass — smile and make eye contact for a little longer than usual. Being even slightly more open can open up your world.

What I’ve learned from doing multiple 30-day challenges is that it’s rarely about the daily task and more about what comes from a month of doing something consistently.

I’ve also learned that I can make profound changes in my life in just 30 days.

Make your goals measurable

But there is one point to consider. If you don’t set up a specific goal you want to reach at the end of the challenge, then it will be just wasted time. So do the following :

  1. Write it down
  2. Remember it
  3. Review it
  4. Set goals you are interested in

Ideally your 30-day challenge task should take less than an hour each day. In fact, I’d recommend picking something you can do in 10–15 minutes per day, especially if you’ve never done something consistently for 30 days before.

If it moves you, get started today. It’s never too late.

Maybe you have your own idea now of what you want to challenge yourself to do? If so, great, go ahead and skip this section. If you don’t, or just want some inspiration, here is an idea: Why don’t you get drop!in which is a location-based meta aggregator for events from the Appstore (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/drop!in/id1038351294?mt=8).

Meta-event aggregators like these make it easy to find and attend a networking event or conference that’s big in your industry. You can customize your challenge to collect at least ten business cards, and follow up with emails the next day.

I’d love to hear what 30-day challenge you came up with! Simply send me an email through the contact page with what 30-day challenge you’re going to embark on and I will share it through my twitter account “@TenqyuLiving”.

Please note these three simple steps when contacting me.

Include your twitter handle and try to keep your challenge description to 140 characters (length of a tweet)

Go Forth and be Awesome!