The dynamic force that is a sophisticated interactive robot performing useful tasks comes to market today.

Anyone following these pages knows that Misty Robotics has a dream of enabling everyone to be able to solve problems with robots — wrenching the arcane technology world of robots out of the hands of the few thousand capable roboticists, globally, who have historically been called upon to deliver robot solutions to the market — and delivering a sophisticated, low-cost, moldable piece of robot-clay to every business person, educator, dreamer, inventor, innovator who can lay their hands on a software developer to create a robot solution that solves real-world problems.

Since we’ve launched, our customers (all non-roboticists and people who…

We need to challenge the underlying assumptions behind some of our strongest beliefs.

I mentioned in the last blog post, #BlackLivesMatter, I’m reading a profound book on antiracism by Ibram Kendi (How to Be an Antiracist). Ibram is a professor who has studied thousands of historical pieces on slavery and racism. He posits a few core points (among many others):

  • the word “racist” and “racism” has become a pejorative, creating an emotional reaction in most to hearing just the word, when it doesn’t have to be. It can be merely descriptive.
  • A racist policy is a policy that creates, continues, upholds or furthers inequality amongst a group of people (most notably people of…

As a citizen I’m profoundly committed to antiracism; as a corporation leader, I struggle with what is the role of the public voice of a corporation.

# BlackLivesMatter to me and, as a citizen and human, have always mattered to me.

I’m posting this note from my personal account, not the corporate account associated with the company I lead, because the subject matter is incredibly straightforward for me as a citizen but quite complicated for me as a corporate leader and officer.

At first I did not want to post anything because, as Jason Kelce, center for the Philadelphia Eagles also reported before talking with his teammates, “piling on” in a moment of an incredible volume seemed cynical, only self-serving and absent action. It seemed “virtue…

In a COVID-19 world that seeks to separate sick from healthy, why are there so few robotic solutions that help?

I was having a conversation this week with Andra Keay, the omnipresent always-active executive director leading the Silicon Valley Robotics non-profit. Andra talked about the dramatic increase in non-robotics companies coming to her and seeking solutions:

“Dude, where’s my robot?!” (because most have been led to believe there’s a robot for everything these days).

Many of these solution-seekers turn to Andra because she has her pulse on just about everything-robotics, globally. They figure, correctly, that if there’s a robot that solves a need they have, then Andra likely knows about it. Many of these solution seekers are looking for robots…

The journey towards Phase II of the 10 Year Plan begins today.

A little less than three years ago, Misty Robotics emerged from the skunkworks lab at Sphero, became a separate entity, and started pursuing its own unique vision of a robotic future. We outlined that future in one of our very first blog posts, The 10 Year Plan.

Now, we’re six months into our commercial journey. We successfully launched Misty II last October, and earlier this year we added new options to the Misty II lineup (Basic, Standard, and Enhanced). …

Misty had another great opportunity to meet developers

Saturday, July 27th was International Nodebots Day, a day to celebrate programming robots with Javascript (for more info about Nodebots, check out Because Misty’s first language is Javascript, we thought it’d be an ideal day for us to host a four-hour workshop at Galvanize, one of our favorite developer education centers in Boulder.

We chose Javascript as her first language (and by no means her last — she speaks Python and, next up, C#) because of both the ubiquity of Javascript (the world’s #1 language according to market researchers in 2018)…

“Personal Robots” are an entirely new category of robot

We get asked this question a lot: “What’s the closest competitor to the Misty robots?”

It’s a good question, because there’s not a straightforward answer.

In the broadest sense, our competition is the mundane and boring human tasks that we perform all the time — so the competition is each human’s capacity for pain tolerance. For centuries now, some humans at the upper end of the earning scale have paid other humans to perform these often boring and rote tasks, especially within the home (butlers, maids, nannies, nurses, etc…) or in…

Robots doing “everything humans can do” is still decades away— so which jobs can Misty fill?

The single most-asked question we at Misty Robotics get is: “what can Misty do?”

This question comes at us from consumers, developers, investors, and other robot companies. And there are as many answers as perspectives, but the shortest answer is “probably not as much as humanity expects a robot to do.” And that’s just fine.

If you think about all of the actions that humans perform on any given day, the human “Task Space” pie chart might look something like this:

A View of Human Tasks

Of course, those human task categories break down into a huge number of actual jobs that humans around the…

It’s also about alignment, capability, motivation, clarity of results and dealing with your own fears

We accomplish more, as leaders, when each hill can be taken by our team members

Empowerment is one of those great management buzz words one hears from almost every leader / manager: “I like to empower the people I work with.”

In my experience, few leaders truly know what empowerment is really all about and how to really “take that hill”. And, they haven’t dealt with the most foundational aspect of empowerment which is their own amygdala.

The amygdala is the part of our brain that drives our response to fear: fight, flight or freeze is how most animals, including us humans, respond to fear stimuli. We leaders have results we are supposed to deliver…

An inside story of how product release schedules work

We had to disappoint our backers recently — we let them know that Misty II robots would not be shipping on our crowdfunding target date of December 4th, as planned. This acknowledgment was a clear disappointment for our backers and for us, as it’s a promise broken.

Companies lose the opportunity to build trust and relationships every time a promise isn’t kept. And backers bear the painful burden of delays. Nobody feels good about that — not the disappointed backers, not the Misty team.

Do I think we’re an exception among startups in missing our target release date? No. The…

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