Life is simple when you have self-control

This is not for everyone, but someone who wish to live a meaningful life. I am not optimistic, I critique my own thoughts and other’s during interaction, but afraid of verbally repudiating as it would hurt people and their relations. The world is complicated but our life is simple; wake up, go to work, get paid, eat, shit, drink, sleep and have sex. Repeat!

I have once read that homo-sapiens are literally here to reproduce; nothing more, nothing less. With that, it feels reasonable to live an effortless life similar to our closest mammalian friend — dog. I am critiquing right now with my thoughts as I am writing this. Sometimes I go too far in a way that it breaks my traditional beliefs and faith in my God. Things are sometimes passed on to us by our ancestors without telling us WHY. Were they uneducated? Were they brainwashed? Possible.

I need to know why I am doing what I am doing, I need to take my own decisions. I try to live my life with purposes, I chose not to shit like average human does and leave my worthless skeleton here. To live purposefully, time is the only currency I get paid daily and it is inarguably the most expensive currency, I can’t store it or earn it, I have to use it or let it go. Unfortunately, I cannot use it to 100 percent, it is not in my hand. It’s how we are programmed to be; our brain need to be turned off for some hours to grow and revive. We pretend like we can work for ~8 hours, an outdated concept. There are countries that has legislation and law passed to honor human lives which has indirectly brought economic and social prosperities.

We are living in a closely interconnected world, and it bears a reasonable amount of responsibility to support each other and work for a better future. If you have a goal, you need to take control of your lives and work hard using your own intelligence. Dolphins were claimed to be smarter than humans, and I cannot dispute the fact as near to average human population seems to be living their life subconsciously and getting dragged by societal norms and cultures. Ask yourself, why are you working for someone, what is your purpose of life, what are you waiting for. Clear your dusty doubt before it’s too late. Nothing and nobody is waiting on your path to amaze you. Work hard to deserve what you aspire.

Life is never ending experiences from which you can learn. Your university degree is never going to help you achieve a meaningful life, it’s all what you can learn cumulatively from reading books, and practicing what you learnt, then applying it to improve and grow yourself. As my best friend used to say, free stuff is poison stuff. Invest in yourself before investing in other, buy yourself a book or a conference ticket to meet someone like Gary Vaynerchuk who could help you in gaining a different perspective in approaching life obstacles and achieving success. Don’t shy away and afraid. All great people has started somewhere.

Stop living other’s life. You’re a fully potential bomb. Ironically, I want to say buy a watch and take control of time because I am f**king serious.
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