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Where does your mind go when you can’t sleep?

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“Planning on sleeping?” he asked.
She sighed, “I tried. Have been trying for a while.”
“I guess I’ll just lay down and draw pictures in my mind on the ceiling.”
“Draw me an image with words then,” he whispered on the phone.

She took a deep breath. “Alright.”
“It’s a very particular day in September. One of the very last summer days. Must be the 16th. It’s been a very alcoholic night and you ended up at this far away beach up north. You had one hour of sleep before the long drive there. You’re laying on the sand and the sun is laying on top of you, taking away the wariness of the night before. There aren’t many people around, your cell’s dead, and reception is bad anyway. …

From a resilient person

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You probably think I’m cocky for saying I’m a resilient person. It seems like it’s an unspoken truth in our society that these types of ‘labels’ should come from others and not ourselves. Well, screw that.

I lost my mom to cancer in a really painful way. In the last year of her life, my sister and I spent more time in hospitals than we did in our own home. A year has 365 days, by the way. …

Chapter 2

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“I always wondered what it would be like,” Nina said after she pulled out a chair and sat on their table. “The moment you finally come out here and your face when you see I got here first,” she continued with a carefree grin that Theo had never seen on her face before.

“Well look at you, little miss I rule the world now. I hope the moment did not disappoint,” he tilted his head.

Nina chuckled, “It was alright,” she paused. “Although, things never quite happen the way you expected them to, right?”

There was a weird mixture of unspoken questions and answers neither of them was ready to learn. It’s like the air had thickened and they just wanted to enjoy the company before they had to be adults in the real world again. …

… and it might even save your life

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Imagine being in a cell in a maximum-security prison.

You’re innocent, but the psychopath sitting across from you isn’t.

You have a chain of keys in your pocket and the tough job to not use them to leave immediately. You have to stay and evaluate whether this three-times convicted murderer will kill again. You have to ask him questions about his motives to kill two of his girlfriends and his closest male friend. You have to inquire about the details. You have to dig deep into his psychotic actions.

Here’s a test for your authenticity.

I bet your head would be full of judgment and resentment toward him. I bet you’ll look around to spot the nearest exit. I also bet you’ll realize that being and saying everything that comes naturally to you at that particular moment won’t get you where you want. You’ll have to tone it down. You’ll have to be less than 100% you. …

Go back to the root of your own curiosity and let it inspire you

A young man chilling in an armchair, playing his ukulele next to a vintage record player.
A young man chilling in an armchair, playing his ukulele next to a vintage record player.

Stephen King wrote his first novel, Carrie, when he was 27 years old. Given that he’s written 60 more after it, I trust him when he says:

“Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work.”

When you are an aspiring writer wannabe who happens to do copywriting for a living, you end up hanging around many of your kind. Some of them (if not most) have a tendency to always look for the next big thing, or for that dusty old idea that hasn't been taken out of the closet in a while. …

Revenge doesn’t taste as good as you may think.

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We had just asked the waiter to bring more whiskey to our table. He raised his glass to make a toast, his eyes wickedly fixated on mine. “We’re getting shitfaced today, aren’t we?” I knew that question was intended for me even though there were 7 other people at the table.

“Make it rain,” I said instead. Our glasses kissed gently in the first of many cheers that night. And it all began.

It happened at a wedding.

Exactly five months since I found out he was cheating on me and just about the same time we split up. Five months since that awful January morning when he didn’t come home and I opened his Facebook messages to see him drunk texting her to open her front door. …

Her new documentary This Is Paris reveals the entrepreneur behind the brand

Public figure and entrepreneur Paris Hilton posing in front of the camera at an event
Public figure and entrepreneur Paris Hilton posing in front of the camera at an event

You know how you see some people and you just wish there was more to them than what they showed to the world? That wasn’t how I felt about Paris Hilton. But her recent This Is Paris documentary proved me wrong. Here’s what I learned about her branding strategy and how that inspired me.

From Paris the Heiress to Paris the Brand

The YouTube algorithm works in mysterious ways. So mysterious that when it recommended Paris’ new documentary, I clicked. Up until that point, all I knew about Paris Hilton was that she was a spoiled blond brat living the influencer life. …

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