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I write words and sometimes they make sense. Foodie, outdoor adventurer, tent lover, scented candles freak, thalassophile. Copywriter. Say hi @TeoMaksimova

Accidental suicide, a crime of passion, or a mob hit cover-up?

On the evening of December 14, 1935, Hollywood starlet Thelma Todd was getting ready to party. Donning a glamorous metallic blue sequined gown, a matching cape, a full-length mink coat, gorgeous heels, and about $20,000 worth of jewelry, Thelma entered the celebrity-studded Saturday dinner party at Trocadero cafe.

Two days later, on Monday morning, her maid would find Todd’s lifeless body in the driver seat of her Lincoln convertible. The car was parked inside the garage of her former director, occasional lover, and current business partner, Roland West. The ignition was still on and her flawless blond curls and party…

Things aren’t always what they look like on social media.

On November 28, 2020, Houston city workers stumbled upon a naked body on the side of a service road. At first, they thought it was a mannequin because of the way the body was positioned. Upon a closer look, however, they realized they were looking at a dead woman. The police would later identify her as Instagram Influencer Alexis Sharkey (26).

Alexis’s body was found just a couple of miles away from the house she shared with her husband, Tom Sharkey. The medical examiner confirmed the cause of death was strangulation and the case officially became a homicide.

So, who…

A heartbroken woman can be dangerously unpredictable.

On April 23, 2018, Mark Gerardot was waiting for his wife, Jennair, at a restaurant in Newtown Square to discuss the divorce papers they were about to file a week later. Time was passing by and she eventually texted him saying she wanted to cancel so he should head home. Confused, Mark asked what was going on.

Then his phone buzzed again. It was a picture of a used condom taken from a trash can outside the house of Mark’s mistress. It was sent by Jennair. And then she sent him one last message:

“Bye, Mark.”

Feeling that something bad…

Found in a suitcase, killed over a rent dispute?

During a scavenger hunt they were recording on TikTok, a pair of teenagers stumbled upon a washed-up suitcase on the rocky coast of Duwamish Head, West Seattle, on June 19, 2020. The kids had no idea what was inside, but they could sense the foul odor coming out of it. They poked at it with a stick to open it and, together with a bunch of fellow TikTokers online, they found the human remains of what would later be confirmed as the bodies of Jessica Lewis and Austin Wenner.

A Gruesome Sight

The suitcase was found near 1100 Alki Avenue Southwest in Seattle…

The most famous missing person according to YouTube

On June 30, 2014, Lars Mittank, a 28-year-old German, traveled with his friends to the Golden Sands resort on the Black Sea coast in Bulgaria for a summer vacation. During that trip, Lars got into a fight and suffered an eardrum rupture. Days later, he would run away panicked from the Varna Airport (the big city next to the resort), jump the 2.5-meter-tall fence, and disappear into the surrounding woods. No one has seen or heard of him since.

It Started Like an Ordinary Summer Vacation…

On the last day of June 2014, Lars arrived with five of his friends at the Varna Airport where they traveled…

She spent her whole life avoiding water only to meet her end in it.

There are few Hollywood mysteries more enduring and heartbreaking than the tragic death of actress Natalie Wood. In the early morning hours of November 29, 1981, the lifeless body of the big-screen icon was found floating off the shore of Catalina Island, a mile away from her husband’s yacht, Splendour.

Wearing nothing but a nightgown, wool socks, and a down jacket, Natalie had drowned, and the circumstances surrounding her death, as well as her husband’s involvement in it, remain cloaked in mystery to this day.

Thanksgiving, 1981

Natalie decided to spend the 1981 Thanksgiving weekend with a trip to Catalina Island together…

A crime of passion or a run-in with the wrong crowd?

On January 2, 1935, at around 1:20 PM, a young man entered the Hotel President in downtown Kansas City. He requested an interior room on the higher floors and checked in under the name of Roland T. Owen. The receptionist handed him the keys to Room 1046.

The mysterious man would be gruesomely killed just two days later in that same room.

A Peculiar Guest

The bellhop who accompanied Owen to his room said his luggage consisted of only three things: a hairbrush, toothpaste, and a comb. Nothing else. …

Where does your mind go when you can’t sleep?

“Planning on sleeping?” he asked.
She sighed, “I tried. Have been trying for a while.”
“I guess I’ll just lay down and draw pictures in my mind on the ceiling.”
“Draw me an image with words then,” he whispered on the phone.

She took a deep breath. “Alright.” “It’s a very particular day in September. One of the very last summer days. Must be the 16th. It’s been a very alcoholic night and you ended up at this far away beach up north. You had one hour of sleep before the long drive there. You’re laying on the sand…

From a resilient person

You probably think I’m cocky for saying I’m a resilient person. It seems like it’s an unspoken truth in our society that these types of ‘labels’ should come from others and not ourselves. Well, screw that.

I lost my mom to cancer in a really painful way. In the last year of her life, my sister and I spent more time in hospitals than we did in our own home. A year has 365 days, by the way. …

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