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Talking about web scraping can take a while. It is a niche subject and not many people actually know much about it. A friendly chat can wind up with many misunderstandings and disagreements.

Within people that run and talk web scraping, this one question will often arise: Is what I’m doing actually legal? Is web scraping legal, or am I conducting a felony?

This topic I will address in the paragraphs to follow. Trying to prove that with minimal care, web scraping is legal, but of course, there are some rules that you can’t break.

Let’s find out how to…

The days of doing business in a traditional way are long gone. Digitalization has definitely changed the way companies work nowadays.

Many companies realized that data is a valuable resource used to develop cutting-edge business solutions, strategies, and activities. We can almost say that companies became dependent on the power of data. And rightly so, because its analysis leads to the development of innovative products, high-performance services, improved processes, and many other advantages.

But how can businesses benefit from the secrets of web data, especially since a considerable volume is needed to draw relevant conclusions? …

Keeping up with the new trends and the latest information is a must when it comes to media, advertising, or marketing.

Any company, whether talking about agencies or corporations, wants to be on top of the game. And that’s pretty obvious because usually, this type of businesses anticipate what’s going to happen before it happens, predicting what’s going to be famous before it pops.

But how can you always be the star of the show and not miss any topic, news, or trend? One of the most innovative ways is web scraping.

We all know that data is key and…

Web scraping to extract various amounts of data over the Internet is a valuable information gathering technique. I am sure you’ve heard of the term API and how popular such tools are among developers.

In this article, I will talk about how using an API for web scraping is a better way to get things done and what features make it so special.

If you are ready to start this journey alongside me, let’s begin with the basics of what an API is and why developers use them.

What is an API How web scraping APIs work The most important…

A web scraper is a piece of software that automates the time-consuming process of extracting valuable information from third-party websites. Typically, this method involves sending a request to a particular web page, reading the HTML code, and sending it to the user.

Web scrapers are mostly used by companies, developers, or teams of professionals with or (rarely without) technical knowledge for various data processing tasks. As you may know, these are some of the most common cases in which web data plays a huge role: price and product intelligence, market research, lead generation, competitor analysis, real estate, and so on.

Web Scraping, like many other things in life, comes in different forms and shapes and can be used for various purposes. The combinations are almost infinite. That’s why you need to address the needs first.

What data do you need to scrape, and how much?

How do you or your client analyze this data after extraction?

Which type of web scraping are you going to use, and how are you going to decide which one is the best?

From now on, I will focus on this last question, trying to help you answer it and make this process easier and…

Many businesses and individuals stand to benefit greatly from collecting and analyzing all publicly accessible data on the Internet. But how can companies or people who work for them obtain different amounts of data? From this point of view, we don’t have to worry because there are many methods of retrieving data from websites.

One of these is web scraping — a valuable technique for finding and utilizing information by collecting data from any online source using different tools. From APIs to frameworks and extensions, the variety of tools on the market through which web scraping can be done covers…

Web scraping may not be a huge industry, but it has loads of diversity. There are plenty of tools, APIs, and frameworks to choose from. You could also outsource your data extraction needs to someone else too. To select a solution, you have to think about your needs first and foremost.

But in this article, I want to give you some in-depth details on web scraping APIs and show you why I think they’re the optimal solution most of the time.

Feel free to agree or disagree because I’d love to hear your opinion in the comments. That being said…

Having access to real-time relevant data can give any business or project the extra horsepower needed. One way to get this valuable data is through web scraping and using helpful tools that optimize the time or costs of those who use them.

An important topic on this subject is how you choose to scrape, building your own scraper, or just use one of the many performant tools available on the market? I will assume that you don’t want to make your work harder, so you’ll choose to do this with a web scraping API. ;)

You already know that not…

The complexity of web scraping is directly related to the project’s needs. That’s why if you are serious about web scraping you know that an important and critical component of this process is proxy management.

My purpose with this article is to cover everything you need to know about proxies and their connection to web scraping. This will make your life easier. At least I can hope.

If we are talking about web scraping and proxies I will assume that what is an IP and how it works is familiar to you. …

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